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Tweets, thanks and bouquets…

I do think sometimes you get to spend some extra time on twitter and in case you get interested in something unless you are a Journo or a TV anchor you can be rest assured that your day is gone for a six. Again its a matter of choice and quite often you get to be spending quality time on unnecessary issues like our television anchors do.

Last week esp last two days have been really great for me (@rsenthilkumar) at twittersphere. Monday night was a great time when (Rajdeep Sardesai) @sardesairajdeep answered a question on the issue of Question Hour being wasted. I was on Cloud 9, literally to be getting an answer from Rajdeep Sardesai was no mean achievement.

Then the next was @RashmiBansal, I am to be frank a big fan of hers right from the JAM days, a different person who chose to be different what else. In conversation with her and actually its because of her impact (my entrepreneur label is still being bandied about) she tweeted on the business and wished me goodluck…

Well then ofcourse you have @Chetan_Bhagat, as I was watching the time line, TIME posted that the 2010 TIME 100 list was out and and I had also quit twitter that moment and it struck me I had to check if CB was there I had voted for him, then I caught up with Chetan Bhagat with the news breaking news rather and it was kind of him to say thanks with a buddy added against my name…

I also have had the privilege of being tweeted by @Lalit_Modi the man behind the IPL and the fiasco that followed it. Then ofcourse @Smitarnair makes it a point to answer everytime she can. Thanks.

I believe this twitter has the ability to break the barriers and make it fruitful for the author and the readers alike the case of CB and his fans.

Am so happy :) for the tweets and it means a lot, a bit of recognition if i may say so of being another Twitterer.

R Senthilkumar

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Hey Chetan Bhagat twittered thanks!

It’s a wonderful feeling when one of your most loved and favorite writer tweets you back saying thanks, it happened today. The night, day before yesterday was spent sleepless. Did earn the wrath of my mom when she passed my room to see it was 3 in the morning and I had not slept yet.

Well real culprit was 2 States – the new novel by Chetan Bhagat, I took it up the last day and after getting over with my work on Monday, I thought let me finish it off and I did at 4 in the morning….next day.

I promptly went to his website and did my feedback. He is one such author who knows how to reply. (we seldom get replies for fan mail.)

Then I thought boss, he is more active on twitter why not tell him there, sure I did and today when I saw his replies it included my name…@rsenthilkumar

I did think he was best a script writer the way he does his narration so much that we start thinking at times on what is next from him. Pretty cool and the book had one great character in the Dad, the Army Officer. Sometimes Dads are like that.

Anyways had a great time today with a thanks from my fav Chetan Bhagat. Thanks Chetan Bhagat Saab, Thank you very much.

See ya….

R Senthilkumar

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The Twitter – will it upstage Google…

As I am writing this, Twitter has once for all made its presence as a day to day news maker, with a legal firm using it and the oldest Twitter-er being found at 102 et all.

It is becoming increasingly popular across rank and file of the internet users and then Google and MS have decided to give the Twitter pages a look in their search in the near term.

While the team at twitter sees this as a great compliment, there is only one thought now on how to monetize the site.

Think about it….me too thinking about that now….

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So the contorversy refuses to die down, or as Prem Panicker put it 71 characters had the nation in swing well really no other news was picked up for the breaking news item…

There was this joke in Amit verma’ blog whats the difference between Twitter and Loksabha, it was this Twitter has 140 characters while Loksabha has 545.

Just as we see how a small English usage which has no real bad intent or purport can become a tool in the hands of sycopants literally making it look so sad for the country…

I have an idea for twitter, make Shashi Tharoor the brand ambassador…oh the fact of the matter is infact he was paid to do that twittering holycow…lol

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Twitters galore….

Yesterday I watched Shashi Tharoor on Ndtv talk about his Tweets. I should admit he is one of the rage among twitters in twittersphere.

I do follow him and its nice to see some good words from such a high profile personality share his tweets.

The other people online are the big names of the media, N Ram of the the Hindu, Rajdeep Sardesai and Burkha et all. And their thoughts are well presented in what can be their own crisp and concise writing which is the character of Twitter.

Follow me outta here : twitter.com/rsenthilkumar

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