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The nameless Autowala bhaiyya – Celebrate Men who make a difference

auto (1)

It was in the thick of things that I started from the office that evening. I had an event next day. The buses had been on flash strike, on April 1. Whoever wanted to make a fool of whom only they will know the answer.

It was tough to get rickshaws, and if you got one, they would ask a  bomb or never cared to take you short distances. As I cursed myself I thought I should walk the distance if everything fails.

As I contemplated this I saw another rickshaw coming my way and waved my hands. Luckily he stopped. I told him the hotel name, he said ok and then we crossed the  highway to the road on which the event was to be held.

I asked him how the day was. He said it was busy and he hadn’t stopped even to eat. I asked him why, he said ‘Its been very sad that the BEST buses went on a strike, nobody knew and who knows what emergency people have and yeah I can live off without food for a single day no?’

I could feel so happy about someone, who took it so nicely and since autos were very tough to get, I said it was nice of him. We exchanged ideas while we waited at every traffic junction. While it was true they had genuine concerns on the payment and salaries they should not have made it so bad for common people. That was his take.

As I neared the hotel, I saw the meter read some 1 . odd kilometers and the rate read 17 rupees, I handed him a 20 rupee note and was about to leave without taking the balance, he shouted back “ruko bhaiya”

I turned and he held 3 one rupee coin and said I have taken my due this doesn’t belong to me.

I was actually offended, I told him I am giving him happily, he said, still I would not take it , then he added, ‘Today you will be give me, who will give me tomorrow. Let me keep what is mine and I am happy!’

I was literally stunned, in this world where we go after money, someone was content, at his rightful earning, and happy at that.

He became my role model. I told myself, if I have to earn money it shall be done with respect and dignity.  I dont know his name- I call him my Autowala bhaiyya.


I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with

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The Tanishq ad that set the industry talking about it…

So even before the ad made its presence in the twitter, I came across this beautiful ad and it was half way through the first time I watched it. The next time it aired, I was like ok the Indian woman has arrived finally and how.

There is a personal reason attached to it, nevertheless the take was a poignant one if you ask me. The cute little one, the way she goes to see her mom being decked up and arriving for the ceremony.

Quite often these kids ask: why was I not invited to your wedding, where was I? I am not in the photograph? How dare you etc? So it was a cute one when she insists that she also wants to go ’round and round’ pretty body language and verbal that.

The best part is yet to come. The would be husband seeing her forlorn, calls out and carries her in his arms and completes the traditional ritual.

The last scene closes in on when the daughter asks if she can call him Daddy.

This would have gone off, but there are somethings which made it spectacular as they say. One of the argument was the bride was dusky, cmon guys half the population in Tamilnadu and Kerala are dusky, so all those guys out there talking wah dusky, do they think they dont get married at all?

If you wana know what being dusky  means, ask Vivek he will explain in his Sivaji style. Jokes apart, why are we even celebrating this? Is n’t acknowledging that we were discriminating all these days.

Its the same industry which launched Genelia in an ad where she becomes, fairer and gets a job! Check with Director Cheran with his movie – Autograph!

Anyways on another level we should give it to the brand to make the second marriage a celebration like no other. Its for both the bride and the groom. As always the groom doesn’t gets the credit.

Here go watch the ad now:

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Kochadaiyaan! Teaser

So when the media reported Kochadaiyaan was getting ready with a teaser, I know you dont have to do what you did for “Why this kolaveri di,” you are sure of views, very well demonstrated by the views which it garnered on Youtube! But the issue here is a bit of disappointment for the sheer expectations of a Rajini fan, they are like some people whose thirst is insatiable and it just takes them to see that face on the big silver screen for the day and even food or water wouldn’t matter. With this kind of fan following that the Superstar has, it must have been a gamble to come out with a teaser not trailer in the effect.

Also to note that it has big names like A R Rahman and Resul makes it a bonanza. The teaser though having crossed a million in 24 hours is on its way to cross the 2 million mark, there has been wide spread disappointment at the length and the quality of the video too.

And may be we should have had it on big screen since the technology part of the business is not the layman’s way of looking at it. But in all this the Rajni fan is a devoted one otherwise how would you get as big number of views as you have here.

Take a look!

In other news if you want to know what people think just scroll down to the comments section of the video ;)

Signing off

Rajanikanth fan!

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#SatyamevaJayate: the TV show in the times of Twitter and Facebook

It was tipped to be the next show to watch out for! The PR machinery was put to good use and like the marketing that they do for their films. I was also getting into the romance of watching a TV show after a long time… Let me admit I dont have an idiot box for company in my small place called home here. But I was sure that they would not miss to be online and given that it is the best that could happen! I was waiting for the day. Some of my readings eventually were upbeat and how it was going to change the Sunday programming forever, read this & this!

So on this lazy Sunday that has kept everyone repair their alarm clock, I rose around the same time to watch it on twitter. You need not watch the episode to figure out what was happening. You know where to look for the ideas ofcourse the trends… it was #SatyamevaJayate all over the timeline, good bad and whatever you could call it.

Now imagine I was given a full treatise of what was happening the interpretations and ofcourse the commentary on that something akin to what CNN IBN does these days Live tweet from the first day first show.

Some one even tweeted how the camera cuts to a moist eyed audience. There was much more the sets and every line uttered was getting on the time line like it was the big thing happening.

Yes according to me it was big for the reasons that it was a Sunday that people were not taking TV seriously or that it was across multiple screens in effect, even had subtitles across where it was being telecast especially in non hindi states and what with joining hands with DD, it made for a cocktail of mammoth proportions not seen for a while in the TV programming.

It started to trend like there is no tomorrow. Even the IPL brouhaha could not displace it from the top trend list. What was the most important insight was that at one time 8 of the trend was of the same programme so much for the activity and talk on twitter.

It would have had some of us hold our head in shame when it was revealed how the educated were more into female foeticide than the rural uneducated masses as we see it. It also left quite for a teary eyed watching and some relief that some good folks were up there in the streets happy with the kids…

It created a lot of discussion on twitter and we know how it gets on on lines of ideology and am not here to point who is right or who is wrong but give the program its due to have successfully put the moot point on the table for dicussion. Some top tweets here!

It was getting rave reviews and why not it was a breath of fresh air and a startling at it. It also led a deluge of fan trolling on twitter over his fee.

You could also see a tweetfest given here!

So after a while I got the link to watch it.

I was keen that I watch it without any premonition of whatever I have heard and believe me it was absolutely a great show and there was  no break in between and man what a production, and if this guys gets into the news business he will give all these guys a run for the money. It was about 300 views when I watched it and now as I write it has got more than 28,000 views…

So was there a lesson, yes it sort of created the discussion that it aimed for:

Look at some of the FB numbers here at their page! ( All in a day) This is their FB Page:

 Satyamev Jayate

598,781 likes · 274,630 talking about this!

Thats a mind boggling number and any social media analyst will vouch for those numbers almost half of those ppl talking about it… and numbers like 274630 are not small. Contrast that to the biggest brand Page of Coca Cola with 41 Million fans and just about 289556 people talking about it!

For a post on feedback it had almost 3500 odd people reply / comment on it and share it on their timeline, we could gauge the snow ball effect that it can have… what more can you ask for. Possibly you could tie in the numbers for the engagement ratio that this show can boast of. I am only giving what we could see, but there would have been innumerable folks who would chat and discuss this thread bare on ground. Kudos to that.

On Google too it was trending as much, have a look at this trends list:

With this kind of analytics which is pretty in the face I am sure we can take the TV going social engagement as a kind of metrics for future shows. I remember on the Jan 15 which is Pongal day in TamilNadu, a program by Illayaraj the music maestro was trending on twitter. It did show for once Jaya TV trending for the first time a differentiation achieved with the competition Sun TV which has a mass following.

Well we are in for some great social TV in the days to come, on the other hand TV as a medium today felt vindicated or was it me thinking so?  The answer lies in one of the most important lessons we all have learnt, ask MTV, Coke or Pepsi, they will tell you  ”Content is king!” and now its the Queen and the masses too!

R Senthilkumar

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Calling all Bloggers! Here’s a contest from ad:tech New Delhi…

Are you an avid Indian blogger?

Do you know digital marketing like the back of your hand?

Then, this is your chance to leave your mark amongst India’s leading brands, agencies, publishers and service providers.

More details here…

Check it out and spread the word…

R Senthilkumar





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Going digital and staying ahead of times…

So that’s billed as a big fight! Infact one of the twitterati that I follow named it as bitch fight. One TVC and three months later another series to give it back in their own words or say giving a taste of their own medicine.

Well I am talking about the big fight between The Hindu and the Times of India with their TVCs, you can see all the The Hindu videos here  & TOI here which have created quite a debate and a following in traditional lines that Hindu reader normally does, take sides and also the TOI reader snaring / laughing off at the portrayal.

Now coming back to why I chose to write on this, well I have been a regular reader of the Hindu ever since I got subscribed  to it say from 1991 or so till the last one year before I came to Delhi. My association with the Hindu has been diverse, a reader, an advertiser – I managed the PSG’s advertising wing then also as a PR when with Narain Karthikeyan I did the rounds for editorial. But my association remains the best as a reader that’s when you get to enjoy all the best the Hindu has to offer.

I read with interest this article which appeared in Forbes blog. Very interesting take on why the ad in question from TOI actually woke up the Hindu. To a great extent, it is true and in fact my being in Delhi has changed the readership routine to Times of India for obvious reasons. I still get a hang of the Hindu online everyday even tweeting some interesting takes on my home town on and off. But to keep up the smell of the coffee I just buy a copy of the Hindu from Saket bookstall on Saturdays and Sundays during my walk.

The Delhi edition or rather the one printed at Allahabad or Mohali is very thin – less number of pages, but you get the Sunday Magazine and the usual Saturday stuff.

My early remembrances of the Hindu include the Saturday Sports special, which I started missing it when they stopped it altogether. They also did away with the last page sports reporting which was my favorite page. I reckon all the tennis reporting these days would not come close to the way they did without the internet and stuff we have today. But today is another different story. Then there was this change of design and all that which made news without dateline and it was fun reading those days when you could actually find same news items twice in the news paper or sometimes churned out the very next day.

And yes it has been a long way and editorially though I wouldn’t approve of it quite a few times, we would necessarily brag about the way its written; that immaculate English and the vocabulary that it imparts, it sheer brilliance and that what the stuff is made of at the Hindu. No doubt they refer the Hindu as a paper of study for the civil services.

Now you know all the questions that were asked were actually a part of the UPSC exams. It had caught the imagination of the ad industry and the people who read the Hindu, but my only hunch is will anyone from the TOI brandwagon jump the ship. True the south doesn’t celebrate the Bollywood or any of the Kollywood or Tollywood or Mollywood in the way the English dailies up north do it. There are no gossip columns there.  There are a number of vernacular magazines which bridge the gap.

I think I am seeing a different newspaper in the Hindu in the sense they are also going commercial and also thinking about marketing, not that they were lame about it. I still think the Sportstar ads by Lintas were one of the best ever.  But now it’s the time to be heard loud and may be this reaction. So welcome aboard the tough seas, the Hindu.

I will be missing the point if I don’t talk about the ads. The ads are well shot and are cute in fact, that’s a ridiculous comment you may say but what do you do when you know that lip sync is so obvious. Isn’t that the cute part. I should also be proud of the fact that I cracked almost 100% in all the ads. Now where is my big prize? Jokes apart it was trying to sell a bit of intellectual pursuit which is fine in a way but would the hurt guy (one mocked at) bite the bullet. They are a happy lot anyways!  But they were entertaining for sure… Well that’s my personal take! It was nice seeing The Hindu take an aggressive stand though will have to wait for the business part of the subscriptions.

A look at the celebrity followers in India especially on twitter will give the reason why Page 3 exists so much than all pages, it’s actually the 10 pages of Page 3 news articles which they call it the city times. You could also blame it on twitter and @Srbachchan for letting the world know that Ash was pregnant on twitter.

Anyways this should be good for the TV Channels, who are making money out of Newspaper fights.

On the other hand it is also noteworthy that they made a viral out of the ads they did. I got to know of the TOI ad after this hit back by The Hindu. That was the best part and it was on my timeline so many times both on FB and twitter. That perhaps is a lesson for all marketers. My take out of the episode: Digital is here, it is here to stay and grow big, now you get to choose whether you want to stay ahead of times or not.

R Senthilkumar

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Hans Rosling and the magic washing machine

What was the greatest invention of the industrial revolution? Hans Rosling makes the case for the washing machine. With newly designed graphics from Gapminder, Rosling shows us the magic that pops up when economic growth and electricity turn a boring wash day into an intellectual day of reading. TODAY: From 11:30am-1:30pm EDT, Hans Rosling will be answering questions in TED Conversations. Pop over!

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TED Video continues… Kiran Bir Sethi

Another talk, really cool one on how kids can change the world…and its infectious by any standard.

Kiran Bir Sethi shows how her groundbreaking Riverside School in India teaches kids life’s most valuable lesson: “I can.” Watch her students take local issues into their own hands, lead other young people, even educate their parents.

Cool stuff again….

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