Trust deficit, Kejriwal and AAP!

The movement that set it all…

I read with interest the blog on Kejriwal not perfect, but he is honest.

There is a beautiful quote from the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, for all his grace and poise there were people who would criticize him left right and center, never mind those people would not seen the sun rise or have been to the nets literally and this is what he had to say. ‘People throw stones at you and you convert them into milestones.’

I was in New Delhi when the IAC and the agitation at Ram Lila Maidan was at its peak and a dutiful citizen in me decided to take the metro, walk the few minutes, stand in line at the gate and merged with the crowd. As I saw the whole surrounding, it was fluttering with Indian National Flag a jamboree of a different kind, a ray of hope for many and I was feeling elated having participated in the agitation. Not to forget taking pictures on my Blackberry to record those important moments. That particular day had Amir Khan on stage, it was nice. The place wore a festive look, young dedicated volunteers, and everyone looked positive, there was so much energy and everyone was there only on one count, a man was representing them and fasting for a piece of legislation aka Lokpal.

The social media was put to great use, err, and correct me if people also stated SMS was a part of social media. It was the SMS, put to imaginative communication purpose unless you thought everyone who came to the Ram Lila maidan was having a smartphone and clicking pictures and posting on the social web.

The whole of the ten days had one more person hogging the limelight, one Arvind Kejriwal, and he was even famously profiled in the Caravan as the mind behind the show as it was beamed live, we were also introduced to some journalists turned crusaders.

I had some of my friends who had become active volunteers, and we got to know they were all there to get this Mission Impossible done and get on with life thereafter.

One had told me, ‘You know what happens when it becomes political, it’s the last refuge of a scoundrel.’ We all agreed and had our parathas and pickles as we waited for Anna to finish his fast.

Arvnid Kejriwal is the guy next door politician you would have loved to have until the few recent days. They say small little acts are better off than the grandest of intentions, that’s exactly where they tripped. The first one was going political I suppose, not withstanding the fact that they won Delhi, sorry stood second in the assembly. No political party worth its name would go on an SMS mode to take a political decision. Forget that they were new and fresh from annihilating and humiliating Congress and esp Sheela Dikshit, they went on a road show and said the people wanted them to form government. No anchor worth his salt has ever asked them if that was the case the people would have got them the mandate atleast 35 on the 70 seats they contested.

Not to forget one Yogendra Yadav said they were crossing over 45 seats and they were willing to share the raw data whatever they meant by that. Why I am naming this person is of very important for us to understand. I was a person who got used to TV only with News and a bit of entertainment regularly sending post cards so that I can win a trip to some exotic location sponsored by Tourism boards. Those were days of News this week with Appan Menon and one Prannoy Roy from New Delhi Television. And when the cable and satellite homes opened up we were seeing election coverage like no other. Psephology became the buzzword and one man who opened up caste equations deftly during these debates much better than Prannoy would was none other than Yogendra Yadav to me.
Now why someone with deep understanding of caste would be needed to a party which is espousing the cause of the Aam Admi was a big question, I got the answer the day they got him nominated to the Gurgaon not hiding the fact that the caste equations would work in his favour.

Whatever happened to the aam admis who went on to win the Delhi assembly elections. One of my friends who was a printer and a volunteer rose to become an MLA. Now that is what is called as aam aadmi’s rise.

It gives no confidence that you don’t wait for one more day to seek the Governor’s nod but go around saying the bus contract workers needed to accept rules and the decision takes days. Different yardsticks for different people. It’s for the people to decide if enough as been done in 49 days. Not that AAP didn’t know they had no majority nor were fully understanding of the fact that Delhi was a showcase government that needed to go to Central government for everything they needed to do.

The most ill thought system in AAP is its internal lokpal that decides even on judicial matters and sets them apart while all other parties will be shown the index finger saying they are crooks of the highest order. No sane citizen will attempt to brush aside the heroics of one Somnath Bharati one night trying to save his constituency and pledge their govt at stake on dharna and get three cops to go on leave or expect us to think they got them to go on leave. They already were.

The basic underlying fact of this was police is not outside the system was well known. It was a part of the government irrespective of the Delhi govt’s inability to take decisions; it was also a chance to get them on board for better citizen police interaction.

I believe in e-governance and technology changing your lives, I would have respected AAP if they did one technology initiative to get corruption off than asking people to do sting operation. Even today they are being heralded for the use of social media unlike no other. You have no idea what would people do with videos in hand, than just getting their work done. Participative democracy is valid only in the positive sense.

And 49 days, and lot of unfulfilled promises and grandstanding to take on the political fight is a welcome step. Only thing the choice of the way it was made to be believed. The country knows fully well the last ten years was ruled by UPA, but if you ask Kejriwal he would tell you, some story why you need to stop Modi. I have no problem with that, but days are different, when they had the same media going gaga over the days of Anshan, and later the days of Arvind Kejriwals’ fast despite being a diabetic, the media was all good. Once in the political sandstorm, they find media to be paid media, when you are questioned. You are on the high pedestal shouting atop, Mera aukaat kya hai and still continue to live in the Govt houses. Don’t tell me there are other party people doing the same or ever compare BJP or Congress.

If you gave me that answer, I am sorry that’s exactly we didn’t want AAP to do. We wanted AAP to be different, be grounded and take it to the next step. That’s exactly where you lost it. My trust.

The worst was when AAP wants a mid term election, haven’t we heard enough. And all those supporters who say they can afford 2 elections in a year are those who can afford without salary for the rest of their lives, not those who toil everyday and fight price rise trying to avoid groceries which are Rs. 100 a kg.

I don’t have friends who can pay my 85,000 a month rent, that’s some laborers’ yearly earning. It could send some 100 kids to school, if you want me to list some things that can be done with Rs. 85,000. The moment your kid preparing for JEE is special than those in the street who have no access to education, you have let me down, Mr. Kejriwal. It doesn’t matter who pays it, it only shows our idea of what is being done. Doesn’t this act clash with govt. schools should be equivalent to private schools’s idea?

It was always my case that 49 day adventure was an opportunity lost and when I told this, the supporters were gleefully mocking me till the day Kejriwal accepted this as a matter of fact.

And today if there is negativity in this election, we have AAP also to blame, when you could go on a positive mode to tell people what they can achieve, than tread the same lines as political parties do.

I shall wait and see what other admissions will come by in later days. To me if you are honest, you are perfect in all sense, there can be no two ways about it.


4 thoughts on “Trust deficit, Kejriwal and AAP!

  1. AK is ready but are you? He has been decisive, unkile the others like Bedi and Anna. He will deliver. He has already made his solutions known to all. Gram Sabhas will decide the self developments in the villages and a similar set up will address the self development in towns and cities. The members of these sabhas will use the power, responsibility and funds to address the issues and problems, not the ministers and MLAs. If a road/temple/school/playground/bus shelter/ needs to be made the sabha will decide and outsource it to to the contractors. The contractors will be paid by the sabha, not by the corrupt municipalities. They wiil be accountable for the work done. If the work is not good or sloppy, there will be no payment. so far as issues of national security and foreign affairs is concerned arrangements will be made so that these are formulated accordingly.

    1. Hi Madhabi,

      Thanks for dropping by and your comment is valued. If you know the way things are it would have been great to have had Delhi experience all this than do it the way it is done. A positive believer only afraid if this is going to be the end of the whole experiment.

      Lets wait for the goods to be delivered. Intentions are not deliveries for your information.



  2. Hi Senthil:

    Thanks for re-opening comment section on request!

    Based on your blog article I have pointed out few topics that I will be discussing my point of view. Let me know if I miss any!

    >> One had told me, ‘You know what happens when it becomes political, it’s the last refuge of a scoundrel.’ We all agreed..

    You mention like above, it means you agreed to the statement. You were not in fav. in short for forming AAP, correct me if wrong!

    >> Yogendra Yadav [Cast equ.]

    Even I use to see TWTW [The world This Week] by Pranoy Roy on doordarshan later NDTV. Even I see discussing Yogendra Yadav, Rahul Dev, Dibang, Vinod Dua and many others. No doubt, Yogendra Yadav has very good analytical skills n he is political scientist. When he predicated 45 seats for AAP that was very close to the result because after that a sting operation video clip was circulated in media alleging accepting donation fund without receipt by Shazia Ilmi, Kumar vishwas n some others by cobra post . AAP demanded raw shooting that was never given and AAP explained to election commission about forging of clip but mean while damage was already done! many AAP candidates lost with very few margins. Check out election commissions website for detail.
    As of ‘Candidature’ of Yogendra Yadav is concern from Gurgaon. I never heard he talk about Caste! Its political strategy [you can not get rid of it] what happen result? He lost his deposit #4.

    >> Different yardsticks for different people
    When you are “IN”, you set priorities and as part of strategies AAP wanted to go for 2014 election and it was clear that Congress supported AAP to block them in Delhi so that it will not harm their vote bank as they did in delhi! Also, if you read AAP manifesto of Delhi, they put with time line some promises. AAP focused these points that can win people’s heart. It was just trailor what AAP can do if it came in power and they don’t want to indulge in other issues! Reason was clear >> They were in minority n anytime Congress can pull back their support!
    As of Bus Contract issue is concern >> Administrative decisions [at least in India] do take time by process its not monarchy that you are fired/permanent job! Arvind was well aware of it but there was no time!

    >>Lokpal, Somnath Bharati / Dharana, Sting for corruption
    You need to understand that it has been discussed a lot of time in media an social world.
    Still mentioning in short,
    Lokpal >> The intention was not to pass it rather it has to place in for discussion in house which was not opposed. Placing a bill do not need permission from HM /Centre/LG for discussion purpose. It was one of the promise made! and it has to fulfill. Later there can be discussion to rectify bad things.
    Somnath/police >> It is true search net/you tube that bharati was having good intention and we know very well how police gives support to such druggist ppl. Being a CM of delhi, you dont have power to control police coz it is under HM/Centre. This thing I let to know when Arvind seat on dharana. People were not aware of the fact. AAP has promised of State Status for Delhi and it was one of the effort to show ppl. [Think of 6 months only and general election of 2014]
    Corruption help line >> It was temp. solution to showcase only. It can be improved further, if AAP is in power for 5 years which they know will be.

    >> General Election 2014
    AAP was focusing on 2014 election to grab as much seats coz the condition was very clear congress was not in position to come in power again and BJP was on backfoot after AAP’s success in delhi. They thought that could grab at lease 100 seats out of 440+ so that no one can form govr. without AAP support. In such case, either UPA / NDA form govr. with ‘Jugad’ from here and there and run maximum for 1 year or UPA/NDA/Third Front give support to AAP to form gov. for at least 1 year.

    This is very important here >> If AAP come in centre, it would be very easy to accomplish the objectives for what Aam Aadami Party was established. In my view it was good strategy!! Because in any case it is not easy to get strong Lokpal or get rid of corruption. Rest of the incidents were nothing infront of this.

    Rent Issue>> One can not starve to feed hungry and he is not ‘Gandhi’! If he can afford / pay [even from party fund] for me I dont mind coz he is giving his life time for AAP and he must be compensated. Common Man should not be poor, if you ever see how Arvind define the common man >> A person who believes in ‘Honest and Corrupt Free System’ irrespective of caste, religion, poor, rich or whatever!

    The over all intention is >> You need to think in this way, does he really want to change the system?, Will he really do something for us? Can we get rid of corrupt system? [At least 50%], Can we get ‘Better System’? Can we get better life style? Basic needs? etc. For me being an IT Manager of MNC with 14+ years experience, post graduate having age 38+ and proud Indian, YES!! I do believe! << Forget about small issue and focus on core issues!

    1. Thanks so much for your time to reply. These were written after much thought on why he had done what he had done. it was written after I spoke to lot of people I know.

      I was there looking to help as a volunteer but it took a cinematic shift if you ask me, and you cant make media your enemy any day. It made you what you are today not that you go behind them and do pranaam but make allowances so we make the distance for which we are here.

      As for forming AAP, and then castigating Janlokpal movement I have seen everything. It was sad, in a way. You dont even tell your senior IT guys to shut up if they spoke against Anna or Kiran Bedi.

      We need to maintain decency and that what the whole game is all about. Lost the plot again.

      I see lot of times you have used the word intention, thats exactly why I wrote that intentions are not actually deliverables.

      DId not they know that it was tough to do the Delhi govt stuff wihtout the centre’s help?

      Or whos idea was it to form govt. the very basic idea of BJP not to form govt with just 3 less seats would have given indications.

      the day they resigned they had not tabled it for the fact or waited for LG to finish the whatever they want to do.

      Even today his arrest was not warranted, in case u wanted to know defamation cases are like that and just for the heck of it you dont say i will not accept bond, and inconvenience everyone.

      Probably they are all being misled by I dont know who.? the movement is bigger than AK. where is Lokpal, where is the issues? all was only modi and whatever in the elections.

      The election was another blunder, you dont have money, then why do u fight elections, 100 seats the mirage was the over confidence from no where actually.

      Lets leave it at this, one small question what happened to the money raised and how was it spent, Kumar Vishwas got only 25 K votes???

      Will keep waiting and watching and am only surprised only 50 ppl came to Tihar jail today, it will go down to 26 and may be lesser in the days to come.

      Am open to correction and will gladly be looking forward to it.

      thanks again for dropping by.. 🙂


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