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Fisi: Drive of the year

Well, let me admit when I wrote the last post it was with a little less expectation at the podium because we had enough reason with KERS and more so with some real big players who can play spoilsport.

As the lights went out, I was little worried since there could an incident and was fervently praying that the first car should be out of it. No wonder that as if answering my prayer the second corner was made into the most valuable parking lot with three cars in collision at the back of the grid. Safety car followed and Fisi till this time was only under attack from the Red Ferrari with Kimi at the wheel. I think Kimi has mastered the art of using the KERS to full advantage at even the first corner. He did run wide but got back to the track with no damage.

I knew that Kimi was going to overtake Fisi as soon as the Safety car is in. It was true, but Kimi was made to work for that. My heart pumping fast, should there be a Kimi – Force India gate happen once more, you would have both their races ruined. Luckily the car cruised through with the button pushed and then the best thing happened. Fisi wanted to get back the place. I thought it was foolish of him to try that hard with only the thought that he drive carefully with Kimi around.

But the race was too good to be true, with Fisi almost attacking the back of Kimi at every given opportunity and making Kimi really work hard and yes it was a hard earned victory for Kimi.

Fisi drove a flawless race from the start to the end. It was such a delight to watch him drive along. He used all his experience to the max, and led to one of the most cherishing moment for his team. An entry into the point in such a grand fashion seemed only too deserving after all the wonderful performance the whole weekend.

I liked the way we saw it, the biggest budgeted team, and the lowest budgeted team fought a fierce battle to be on top of the podium. It was a delight when they said, look who’s spending so much and who is performing.

The man has never been so popular what with his team mate stealing the show and he has been a underrated driver though not necessarily from the teams’ point of view. This should give him some breather and sure will boost up his rating for the next year.

As such the team did a fantastic job and they were celebrating and it was a deserving celebration after all those long waits to be into the points. Let me also point out that this was one team whose motto was ‘Never say die’ and it was walking, talking and racing this philosophy. Even when they have had bitter results it had always been positive and has taken those incidents in its stride. Those patient days have borne fruit today.

I think we missed the playing of Indian National Anthem just because of KERS and well lot of people here are cursing the damn thing which FF1 does not have.

The drive also proved that yesterday’s pole was not a flash in the pan. It was hard work and a little bit of luck and well hard work does show and today it did.

Here’s wishing the entire crew of Force India F1 a Big Congrats!!! and hope to see more often this trend of the team the rest of the season.

Celebrating Force India F1’s Pole at Belgian GP

celebrating Force India F1 pole...

celebrating Force India F1 pole...

I know it wasn’t in the scripts and well everyone were in for a surprise and what a delightful surprise it was. Adjectives weren’t at hand to celebrate the most cherishing occasion since an Indian driver drove an F1 car in 2005. And let me tell you Fisichella will carry a billion dreams when he drives his Force India F1 VJM02.

At the outset let me thank the team at Yalla for this dedication to me a simple fan who long awaited to listen to my national anthem. At the moment as the news started sinking in, after Q1, it was disbelief writ large over me. It took some time for me to realize that it was true and happening. At last we are there, guys the records would say at least in the Q1, we were there at one of the most celebrated and unpredictable circuits, on pole as the relegation was announced.

Waiting as I watched the next Qualifying session with Fisichella ending on 4th, I thought we should be there, well it is going to be tough and we have to make it happen. I was keeping my fingers crossed and nothing mattered and wanted a glimpse of what Adrian was up to. Well he couldn’t make it, then it was left to that one F1 beauty and flashing it across the television screen on pole and yet some eight cars were to follow. Chequered flag meant it was going to be close and it was close. I kept seeing only the number and the names flashing across the screen praying fervently all the Gods, that no one should take it away from Fisichella. He deserved it so much today and of course Force India F1 deserved this so much.

It was then the Radio transmission confirmation and well they did say ‘Not bad!’ I was simply hurt, well it was the moment we have been waiting for, to tell people, well we have it in us. It was no fluke, it was bound to happen, only thing of course was when.

As I had approached this weekend, it was not a great one to say the least, on 25th August I had woken little early not knowing that our Sports ministry had in fact turned down a request to pay the license fee to Formula One Management saying that F1 was an entertainment not a sport. It hurt so much because the guys had no reason in trying to understand the sport in the first place.

Though the JKSP the people responsible for the track and conduct of Indian GP were reassuring it was no breather at that moment. All this were happening when Force India F1 celebrated the Freedom in a class of it own with a classic video Free India to Force India. I had taken it to my personal blog and even the Sports Ministry’s issue also featured there.

Now I know we as the people of this nation will have the opportunity to celebrate the most cherishing moment when we see the Force India F1 car lead the procession into the start and as the lights go into the first corner.

I can see right in front of my eyes. I am sure this is an event of historic importance not withstanding the result of tomorrow’s GP at the Spa will herald the new era for motorsports in the country. I know the little guys tomorrow at the Karting championship Track in my hometown will be looking to see the Indian colours making it at Spa.

Congrats Fisichella, We are waiting to see you drive into records tomorrow!!!

I will conclude with what Mallya had to say this evening. ” What an unbelievable result we have had here. I am so proud of Giancarlo, the team in the garage and the factory and also for the entire Indian nation. There is nothing more to say: we’ve done both ourselves and the country proud.”

This was an answer to the post at

Absolutely great day for motorsports in India.

A day of new found confidence

I was at Kongu Arts & Science College, for a 2-day training session for the students of the dept of mathematics. The sessions went off very well except that we would have had better opportunity if we had more time.

This was just a starter for them and we were able to interact better on the second day. A new found confidence for them and I made my debut in the vernacular language yesterday and today. I was OK in Tamil not bad considering the fact that I have not been a Tamil speaker any moment of my life. I owe this vernacular transformation to a known audience to one of our eminent trainers Mr. Nasser from JCI. A big thank you sir. Hopefully I would love to master this language as a speaker.

On getting to basics and having a understated tone and a natural accent, I think the feedback from Ameet Sir has had an impact. Big Thanks to Ameet Sir too.

I think I will be able to spend time with students from now on without any language barrier which was a problem earlier with respect to Tamil.

Good experience in all.

An insight into social enterprises in India

The latest newsletter from Insead Knowledge was a great one especially because there are two Indian companies being featured in Social Innovation and also we have Mr. Kamalnath taking a view on the next growth story in India: Infrastructure.

The first story is about a Dasra, an organisation which guides the Non Profit NGOs and makes them take the next step. Read it here

The second one is about two women entrepreneurs, who have come together to make it for the NGO’s with communication driven strategies.
A new and unique market of course with lot of potential in both the above stories. The second story here.

Have a great read.

BJP’s divide within


Of late after the poll debacle, which was too little to much to digest having yielded ground for the Congress and other parties regional in states it was always going to be tough. Sometimes they would never consider themselves as opposition party is what political pundits say. But they put a great show inthe first session of the Parliament.

The cracks were all there to see, in the party with a difference. Still the Jaswant and his Jinnah writings has made the party the toast of the media. There wasn’t a news worth of breaking news or developing story after the media had indeed created enough panic with Swine flu and its effects.

And all of a sudden, BJP’s stalwarts are hogging enough media space, be it any of the prime time shows, walk the talk, (Idea version is “walk when you talk), then Devils’ Advocate, ( I saw this as a sticker behind an advocates car) Frankly speaking and what not. They have even surpassed the swayamvar and Miss universe trps on news channels.

So what is that is making it big news so much so that my favourite morning paper The Hindu ran an editorial a second time in as many weeks on a national party assumes significance of that party and what the future holds. Not to mention there are enough ideologicals and part time writers giving it ideas to overcome this and how to rein in the party.

The Alice in the Buderland was another classic example of how things are not well at the party. I am not here to say about the politics involved about the party but I must say that any PR (good or bad is your take on it but) is always a good one. They are getting so much PR for nothing that’s my take.

Here’s the principal opposition party trying to wade through the waters of the past and struggling to find the feet to the next gen future. I believe though not a political analyst, this is common in every party, even congress had this to overcome after the defeat at the hands of BJP.

Anyways we will wait to see how it all ends up hopefully well, for the country as well as for all those who matter at the ballots.

A concerned Indian Citizen

Indian GP will be mirage…

According to a report in the Times of India, today the Government of India has rejected the request for transfer of remittance fee to Formula One Management for the conduct of the race by JKSP, saying “F1 is not purely sports. It is entertainment and this venture by JKSP is a commercial initiative,”

Now that leaves us far behind in terms of appreciating the value that F1 has been able to do commercially otherwise. Lets forget the politics and the insane things about the sport, but what I am not able to understand is the idea that the so called enlightened men in the sports ministry have.

As if they have been doing yeomen service to other sports without politics involved they have taken a moral stand. I quote “The proposed F1 race does not satisfy conditions which focus on human endeavour for excelling in competition with others, keeping in view the whole sports movement from Olympics downwards.”

Now that leaves us with a big question mark. We don’t yet know what will happen to an F1 dream that India will always have. This puts a larger question in terms of doing business in India. Even if it was a commercial venture and that someone is willing to do it what right has the Government got to stop something which is private if they want to call it that.

Add to this “The basic premise of the ministry is that F1 is not needed in India and the money can be spent on development of disciplines which have a wider base in the country.”

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry over this. Lets see how they build up other games.

PS: JKSP still thinks it can pull off a coup with the Sports ministry, here is their version.