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Kapil Sibal, India’s new Macaulay

Not everyday does one get a chance to see the newspaper with all great news – all positive and making of history of sorts. It happened today with Kapil Sibal making headlines in introducing a rationale to do away with the 10th Board exams. Added to that is the bill to introduce compulsory education as a fundamental right.

I think these are far reaching efforts, to make people come up the ladder and make it happen for the democracy. I have always advocated that exams were never a reflection of anybodys achievements and unfortunately we have to go by it.

I also had spoken about this during my talk show at Gyan Vani where I said it was a necessary evil and that the society at large was also at fault to make it a real issue.

Now that 10th standard board exams will be abolished we need to have an alternative to look at the children’s ability and attitude to see them through the following years.

On the other side of the newspaper was an article which suggested that the 12th standard marks and the cut off will be on the same day thus making it easy for them to see where they stand.

I should admit that when the Tamilnadu government had abolished the entrance exams how the counseling will go on and so forth, but luckily it has been a breeze till now and no ones complaining.

Then we have the news of Unique ID Plan being headed by Nandan Nilekani, so the government means business in 100 days…

Watch this interview of Mr. Sibal on NDTV.

R Senthilkumar

Ragging still a menace…

I am almost shocked at the recurring instances of ragging inspite of the strictures given by the Supreme Court.

It is pretty much the time of the year when the seniors need to be sensitised as the nature of so called introduction. There have been very many instances where it has been taken to the authorities and of no avail. They feel that the senior’s life and career might be at stake.

The most important thing we need to seek is the surveillance of the hostels which become the most happening place for ragging. The classes and the campuses might look neat and beautiful, but the hostels are the most happening place as far as ragging is concerned and most of the times the culprit gets away with it.

It was totally fine when we did have ragging or the name of it trying to do biking on foot or cycling on foot. Those were moments to break ice and it was the first day on stage. Everybody had fun. Imagine riding a bicycle on stage without actually being on one. !

Lets see that sense prevails and hopefully the seniors if anyone found guilty should be punished so that it may act as a deterrent for others.

R Senthilkumar

Watched “reality”

Yesterday evening was a pleasant evening when I went to see ‘reality’ a presentation by theatre Y, directed by Yog Japee.

It was a great effort in making us live with names for invocation names, names, names some we know and some we don’t want to, and some passed to eternity without dignity at the time of death.

It was thought provoking…and it did strike a chord….

The machine to annihilate half the population, was great one and it reminded me of the our to be or not to be question we face and it gets justified for everyone even the serial rapist has a reason to live…

The TV show live calling and more than that Show for the Last word was really interactive and it made the audience sit up… not much of fanfare on stage by way of props nevertheless the performance caught the imagination of the people.

Great Show…