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Brand “Rahul” has born….

This name strikes a chord with most of the girls, I should say Rahul is such a cute name let me admit. I think Shah Rukh has used it at least three times or more I don’t know, but this phenomenon called Rahul in Indian polity is a rare find. A rare find I say because he isn’t one of us and yet he has re-branded himself to the core and made it up to look like ordinary worker as he calls himself.

The most eligible bachelor well after Atal Bihari Vajpayee now Rahul Gandhi has delivered where few would have expected him to deliver especially even in the congress.

Now let’s reconstruct the branding phenomenon that marked the sweet dimple cheeked Member of Parliament who went about his way strengthening his party with the youth and more so striking a chord where ever he went.

Ofcourse in the course of the events he could almost make life difficult for all the aged coterie around his mother Sonia. But he has made the move so relevant that he took a road less Traveled that congress can go it alone especially in Uttar Pradesh.

During the run up to the polls, we could see how this man exerted enough influence on the young and the old. Of course the old wanted to have a glimpse of the grandson of Indira Gandhi and son of Rajiv Gandhi. The Youth had more reason to cheer with Rahul armed with an enchanting smile and a dimple cheek and his white flowing kurta made him an icon in the poll fray. He had this habit of trespassing security cauldron and mix with the people. No PR stunt this, he actually carried a baby boy to the stage at one of the meets in Tamilnadu.

So when all the oldies in the congress were down to fighting the elections or sometimes among themselves, we see one person willing to wait and take things one at a time. Punjab and Gujarat could be models for the congress intra party democracy which is an oxymoron for the party.

And they did go it alone in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, though Bihar was not influenced, UP at least sent some 22 MPs who will show allegiance to the brand Rahul without any misgivings or afterthought.

Now as the clash of egos and bruised ones stay after the Ministerial postings there are few picks of Rahul in the cabinet too. The likes of Sachin Pilot, Scindia makes it obvious that Rahul is a factor to be factored in. He is thinking long term thats perfectly not a politicians point of view and thats where the statesman Rahul is being nurtured and I think part of this process belongs to Sonia Gandhi As well as Priyanka.

Like mother like son. Illustrating that end of all political campaigns need not be the power of the Ministerial posts, Rahul has opted out to be a Congress worker than be in the cabinet which he could have had a ministry of choice but he has taken a calculated path to make it happen when the appointed time comes.

There are some things we need to talk about, of course that the English MSM has gone head over heels to portray Rahul despite his being so media shy, Rahul is being built as a young Firebrand politician who knows what he is doing. I should admit you need to have guts to talk about a One rupee and say that 90 paise earmarked does not go to the addressed.

I think PM Rahul is not far away and we should be blessed to have him in, of course with the kind of promises he is making and if it can come true then he sure had won the election hands down today.

We shall discuss the making of Brand Rahul, is it by default or a planned strategy in the next few posts.

R Senthilkumar

Jenson Button: On a Magical Run at His Home Track

Jenson Button : Winning is a habit.

Winning is a habit these days...

Whats common about the movies, Pulp Fiction and Sword Fish, well John Travolta you would say, add to that, it happens to be two favorite movies of Jenson Button the current championship leader by a big mile.

Jenson Button these days is getting to be a legendary name for the sheer purpose that it has defied logic in turning the tables against established names in F1. For someone who was set to be in his twilight years, this phoenix-like rise is unnatural even to his past standards, and yet this man has not let the wins take over the better of him.

After the last win at Monaco he said “Wow Winning the Monaco Grand Prix is something that you dream about as a child and as a racing driver and the reality of taking that victory just feels awesome. To win in Monaco is truly a special feeling.” So much summing up that the journos need not do some extra effort into what it means to win this Monaco GP.

So what was his secret to this and more so the man is a composed self all through, no tantrums ever…He says his success secret is ‘Being surrounded by fantastic people, and I’m very lucky in that way. And being able to laugh at yourself is important too.’

In an interview to, Brawn the man behind this phenomenon says how he was convinced by the team members that Jenson was good under any circumstances only that he should get a machine to match. The best part was that the team was always prodding him on to scale greater heights. For once we could see a driver praising all his team every time he’s on podium, so much full of camaraderie.

This year has been a roller coaster year for Jenson, for someone who does not have a hero, the future holds bright for him and chances are that he would indeed be a role model and a hero for many more young aspirants.

With such a run, its going to be little boring to see Jenson and all of a sudden we are getting used to his being the man to reckon with. The talks of Lewis or Ferrari has taken a back seat, and they are occupying much less mind space, will this be a year of the Brawn and Button so to say.

Let’s watch this spectacle unfold in the days to come and hopefully he would be able to rewrite quite a few records, after all records are made to be broken.

And going by the resident’s take at Monaco, they were happy that one of their own people finally won the crown. Jenson happens to reside in Monaco.

I think this team Brawn GP and the drivers have that sort of conviction to make it happen for them come what may. And Jenson is all set to deliver what the team wants and the team couldn’t have asked for more…

As I write I should admit that I wasn’t a big fan of Jenson Button when the season started, but heroes are those who make these kind of changes right, and here too Jenson has changed me to be his fan of the man, his style and humbleness.

PS: No marks for guessing Jensons’ favorite actor – John Travolta

Clash of the titans….IPL 2 Finale

The last year’s champions are out of the reckoning so too are the dashing young starlets who almost got more television time than the players, Shilpa Shetty and Priety Zinta. Well I can’t remember face of the most unpopular owner if I may call him from Deccan. They are a wonderful lot this year doing the best. Even Anil Kumble and his men seem to have got it right and Super Kings are on a song. Dare Devils hopefully should keep their hopes alive…

But the head line should have been Shah Rukh Khan drowns Shilpa’s Royals. It was not meant to be, at least Shilpa must have thought, the script horribly gone wrong that fateful day when Kolkatta Knight Riders decided to do an honourable exit in the process making Rajasthan Royals lose out on their march to Semi Finals.

Now for the other teams, Chennai Super Kings now seem to be the favorite after they got their act together and defended a low total. It was anybodys game but they played so well and Dhoni was there all over to see things happening. It was cool of him as always to work like that in that situation and get through unscathed yesterday.

Delhi Dare Devils really look upto the challenge and they have to fire from the top or else it could be the opponent who will have a field day. If the Sehwag factor along with Gambhir does not work then its easy for the opposition read Deccan Charges to go for the kill in the Semi Final.

Royal Challengers have also made a huge discovery with one Pandey making 118 not out, during their encounter with Deccan Chargers. He held the innings as if it was his last match and played some lofty shots into the crowd. At 19 and being the first IPL Indian centurion, his captain would want him to repeat the feat on Saturday against Chennai Super Kings.

It has been a great entertainment all through this season of IPL. Certainly making it the game of uncertainities, how else would you describe a loss when you require just 4 runs off the last over. It sometimes does defy logic and thats what the cricket as a game is all about.

We hope to have the same final seat on the edge encounter during the semis and the finals.

One thing I wanted to mention here, I was watching all that Charity show on TV for schools and et al…my only question was if the organisers would do it in India, India needs so much of these kind of charities.

Before I end, let me answer a doubt you would have had in your mind as to the picture I has chosen on Lalit Modi, the answer of course is he is the man of the match called IPL. He’s scored the DLF Maximum, lives Citi Moment of Success, and of course makes the most of now (Vodafone). Sorry if I missed any Sponsor… And well according to informed sources Sony has deputed one camera man exclusively to cover the Man – Modi. It is just a reflection of his popularity.

And a new government taketh over…

So the Saturday was filled with happiness, surprise, anguish, victory defeat and all the adjectives put together… Even Congress was not immune to surprise that it had got so many seats which was a great relief for everyone given that we thought we might have to see al those naked horse trading deals and MPs being escorted to safe havens…et al.

The way the people have voted is for two important issues, 1. governance and 2. for national parties. If we look at the results it is a clear sign of people effectively closing doors on third front and they have been told not to meddle with the way they have been holding the country to ransom.

That BJP took it gracefully is another nice thing about this election for all the studio wrangling they did, it was nice to see that they were resigned to the fact and accept defeat gracefully.

Now the star of the election Rahul Gandhi is all over the landscape. We can expect him to be the Prime Minister sooner than later. He has made it happen for Congress when he spoke highly of Chandrababu Naidu and Nitish Kumar he was making himself a statement for a long term.

Back to business as usual for the PM Mr. Manmohan Singh. Of course the expectations are going to be more than ever before. Never the less here’s wishing the new government all the very best.

R Senthilkumar

Democratic ‘exercise’ called voting!

Well, in this part of our country, our state went to polls and I didn’t miss this once in a five year opportunity to exercise my democratic right and a considered duty. My neighbour brother had already voted by the time I started to the polling booth. He had the distinction of being the first voter at our booth, his background of course is rooted in Socialist agenda and they make it a point to do this very dutifully.

As I reached the polling booth being greeted by party men of various colored flags and enlightening me on the number of their candidate, the booth had lot of people waiting to cast their vote. I verified my voting slip and stood in a designated queue. Reading all those faces who think they are doing a great service to this country (including me!) by voting. There were all people, some you know we can call them Software Professionals by their looks, the jean clad, funky T shirts a few of them, then of course the local people pretty easy going.

Then I could see some first time voters their face beaming with a sense of satisfaction and an elan of achievement. They do deserve to wear that attitude for the simple reason that they had come and vote unlike some of us who do this thinking how does it matter if we vote or not.

As I kept looking around I saw a photographer, a pres corp waiting on the lines to see and capture a ‘moment’. He did not fail when a few minutes later a physically handicapped voter rode his bicycle to the front door of one of the booths. Luckily it didn’t have steps, it was one of their slanting stairs for them, I think somebody had thought of these people and worked in tandem to facilitate his franchise. How wonderful of them to think on those lines.

As the voter got down to floor and went in, the photographer caught his picture of the day waited eagerly for him to return. A two minutes later, he returned with a smile on his face with a sense of fulfillment of having voted on all fours and the flash started again some five shots and he was back to his special cycle. Some telling him, “Hey You are going to be on Paper tomorrow.”

The queue was moving up fast and I had almost reached the steps of the building when I saw another frail old man in his eighty being helped to climb the steps, as they both walked in, I was surprised he was wearing a saffron cloth that is symbolic of sanyas, and I was left wondering if he didn’t want to do away with sanyas as far as voting was concerned. It made me a happy citizen. After all my country men were the most patient ever, and I always have this notion, “Inspite of the politicians, the country is doing good.”

Few minutes later I enter the booth I give my voting slip to the second presiding officer, he calls out my number and name for the polling agents to take note of. On the other side we see some seven people seriously taking down the number which he had shouted atleast three times.

This time the electoral rolls are photo rolls so it is tough to cast a bogus vote unless with the connivance of the Presiding officers. I have heard stories from my friends when they had worked with a certain party they would see the Presiding officer at their home and make an offer for x number of votes and all the polling agents would be taken care of. I don’t know may be we cant put enough bogus votes like last time and may be one of the reason why the turnout was low is this.

Two people in the ‘crowd’ were known to me though our body language didn’t show that, it’s a risk you know to show yourself in front of them all put together. They will come to some conclusion you see.

I now sign a register and get my finger inked. Then move on the place to reset my EVM and then press the * button. The lady officer says ‘you proceed it will beep, don’t worry’. As I near the exit there is ‘beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep’ sound. I was reminded of my Physics class when they asked me this question, ‘why do they have these sounds for horn and indicators,’ basically they are disturbing and catch your attention and number two you have no choice but to listen – the pitch is so high in these sounds you see.

So with a sense of accomplishment, I come out as if I have won the election.

This is one kind of duty our citizen do every five years and as I kick start my bike I have but all forgotten why i have voted or would I be eagerly waiting for the result and would it really make a difference.

Would it make a difference, well may be for those in power and those in opposition, but for me!


The best thing about IPL Season 2

Well if you were fanatic cricket follower you would have told me it was the rise of Deccan Chargers and then ofcourse senior players showing their mettle, but then I have to be looking at the other side of the story.

For me the best thing about IPL Season 2 are the commercial breaks, especially Zoo zoos campaign from Vodafone. It is perhaps one of the most riveting and entertaining characters produced for advertising in history. Kudos to the team at O&M India, it has had a huge fan following. Top it all, when you thought it was animated you get to see that they are just human beings in those funny white robes and accentuated emotions drawn on their faces.

I would say the ads are innocence personified with its presentation so much so that you start laughing and get so close and up with the situation.

All the ideas seemed to be out of the box and then it was conveyed so beautifully that they cannot just be wished away. Not surprising that they are the most watched ads on You Tube today.

The creatures are the best part, little cute creatures which make it happen. Be it the photocopier stuff, or the traffic, the stock alerts they make it so engaging. Ofcourse you cannot forget the Prayer below the twig would you…

Now I watch IPL only to see these little creatures flash on the screen, ask Modi yeah Lalit Modi he will tell you that IPL 2 is a close call between teams, not during the advertising breaks, Vodafone is far ahead of Airtel, though not to belittle the Airtel Madhavan – Vidya Balan pair, but somehow and deservedly Zoo zoos seemed to have captured the imagination of all those watching IPL2. Its Vodafone that won IPL 2 hands down, that’s my take.

Catchup, and the ads will be posted here soon.

R Senthilkumar

Motivation Programme on 91.9 FM

Today, it was a wonderful feeling when I was live on air at 91.9 FM Gyanvani from GRD College Studios. The programme was between 5.15 pm and 6.15 pm.

Mr. Paulraj, the programme host made me really comfortable and we shared at length on how students can make headway in their making themselves confident and communicable.

Hopefully I shall host the podcast of the show asap.


Motivation Programme on 91.9 FM

Today, it was a wonderful feeling when I was live on air at 91.9 FM Gyanvani from GRD College Studios. The programme was between 5.15 pm and 6.15 pm.

Mr. Paulraj, the programme host made me really comfortable and we shared at length on how students can make headway in their making themselves confident and communicable.

Hopefully I shall host the podcast of the show asap.