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Be thankful…

Be thankful, that you don’t have everything you desire,
If you did, what would there be to look forward to?

Be thankful, when you don’t know something,
For it gives you an opportunity to learn.

Be thankful for the difficult times,
It is during those times that you grow.

Be thankful for your limitations,
Because they give you opportunities for improvement.

Be thankful for each new challenges.
For that will build your strength and character.

Be thankful for your mistakes,
They will teach you valuable lessons.

Be thankful, when you are tired and weary,
Because it means you have made an effort.

It’s easy to be thankful for the good things in life..
But a life of fulfillment comes to those
Who are also thankful for their setbacks.

Gratitude can turn negative to positive…

Find a way to be thankful for your troubles,
And they can become your blessings.

– Unknown

(I took this out of my brother Sashi’s book, he had a printout. I tried to find the Poet/author but was unsuccessful.)

So whats so great about extracurriculars…

I chanced on this blog when I was searching for something on HR. This put new light on how the people make their time worthwhile even when they are not working. Check it out here.

I have always been an extra curricular guy so it struck me that it had a lot to do with what I am doing right now.

I still remember some questions I had for my first formal interview, well it was for a copywritersome 12 years back, so it should have been that may be.

What was your favorite book, favorite author?

How often do you take a walk to the nearest library?

How often do you refer a Dictionary? and when was the last time you did?

What does the word ‘tangible’ mean? Honestly I didnt know the answer. I had the guts to arrive for an interview for a copywriter!
and the list goes on…

I have taken a cue from this and when time was on my side.. I have asked some question on team work and sportsmanship. This I believe has to be a real trait we need to recognise and nurture.

Some questions I have are:

Ever been a sportman?

Favorite sport and favorite player?

Any incident to show that you were a team player could be the most trivial things we think of?

How have you led your team in the hour of crisis?

How many times have you taken responsibility for something which went wrong?

Hobbies?? or and any physical activities ?

And it goes….

Well it is a matter of the individual to present it in a perspective to achieve what we are trying to see and appreciate.

Nevertheless these provide an insight into the person and how he relives the occasion with pride or just bluffing it, the body language would show.

So extracurriculars actually take you on road to making you little extra professional in your own right.

R Senthilkumar

Rahman on a song…Jai Ho! literally

What a day it has been for Indian Cinema, every body worth his little contribution can be proud to be a part of the celebration which reverberated so much across the nation. It was undoubtedly the most cherishing moment for the maestro AR Rahman and the crew of Slumdog Millionaire. It was history and it will take some time for us to really get back to normal. OSCARS whatever their structure may be, it has raised a lot of awareness for us and today the people will look at A R Rahman as a special talent unlike till they had notions about him two days back. All that has changed overnight, sorry over a few seconds to be precise.

As we celebrate the moment so realty thinking has been taking place except that our news short English media has been up in celebration and they were as if they were responsible for the event.

I am writing this to highlight some of the most intriguing things which happened after the event and also as a part of the acceptance speech.

I am sure you need that guts and tinge of pride when you say “I have mother” and more so when u say “Ellam pugazhum iraivanukke” in pure chaste Tamil.

The other man was Roosul Pookutty, who stole the hearts with his dedication of the award to his country and then he dedicated this as a Sivarathri present.

That was humbleness, and humility personified. Both of them if you remember stole the show as Indians and personified the best an Indian culture can be…

The best part is the people who thought it fit to say it was tamilian and malayali blah blah… I was at a loss to understand why a chief minister thought it fit to say he was from the minority community but ofcourse he would have to think twice because he is a so called rationalist and Rahman for all his glory was willing to submit to God, why not even the American President submits to God and God Save America. The other way round Resool Pookutty was a Muslim and he had the charm to present a Sivarathri present to his countrymen. All is well till such time some politician enters the scene.

Already UPA says it is the reason for the slumdog 8 Oscars, possibly Mr. Rahul should also wonder if they are the reason for having the biggest reality of slums in Dharavi like they were some forty years back…

So lets not let people to hijack this and make an issue, that way I should commend the words of Kamal Hassan when he said we need to admit it is America’ biggest Award and more so we have responsibility of making it big for Rahman every time we are associated with him.

The media should also be really looking at its role…of eradicating slums and make it worthwhile.

One thing which emerged was that Slumdog never was the underdog. The perfect way Rahman put it was it was an all Indian show and an All American audience.

Signing off

R Senthilkumar

The entrepreneurs bug

This is perhaps the right time to think about being an entrepreneur. I could be little off the mark when I am suggesting something pretty frightful. Looking at the whole ecosystem it is pretty possible on how to find an opportunity to service all those people who seem to have endless troubles courtesy the Great global recession.

So give in your thoughts on how you could make it happen for the people at this time. What are the problems they have. Possibly a counseling center could be a great idea. Counsel them how to overcome the tide.. but yeah will they pay up???

Just kidding thoughts, I am writing this as the deadline closed (update says its been extended till 6 pm 23 Feb) for the “Power of Ideas” initiative of Economic Times and the twitter I am following suggested that there are more than 2500 ideas submitted and thats a big number coming close on about 600 ideas showcased at TATA NEN Startups last Quarter.

So there are no dearth of talent in our country. I am particularly happy at the new media and mobile technology sphere since everybody is working to overcome the bandwidth hurdle and more so become personal in the approach to solving a problem.

Just log into Power of Ideas and check out the twitter here.

At last we are proving that we need the right platform to prove of what we need to do. This way the people associated with the event are those who have the entrepreneur’s bug bitten wannabes.

I had the chance to browse a quite a handful ideas and all those relating event to the rural backdrop something close to my heart the bottom of the pyramid stuff.

It is a rejuvenation and a little pleasant to see so many people taking that entrepreneurial plunge and making it happen at this juncture…

For all those who dare not think beyond the salary check, one idea selling hot is go back to a business school if you have not done your MBA, and by the time the economy recovers it would be really great (hopefully!).

Signing off,

R Senthilkumar

Love your work

The secret behind not getting tired of your work, is loving it. An intense passion of an activity will lend in itself the most promising outcome. I have always believed that doing something you love is never gonna get you tired. Look at the kids playing they do what they love and they never complain. Or getting engrossed watching the match a India Australia cracker you know for sure you dont get tired of watching even though it is really tough.

So it goes when you love a job you discover you will never have to work a day in your life…ofcourse make sure it does pay you. Two of my favorite people of this kind are Lewis Hamilton the F1 World Champion at 22 who said, I am so happy for myself that my hobby is paying me so much…

The other person is Tiger Woods….for whom Golf is a passion and it has made him the richest…

Just imagine how serious are we taking our career and ourselves to be, if we thought the same way as Lewis did, imagine the productivity and more so the delight that you would receive in the job you do.

It just crossed my mind if you could do the reverse…work your love…just think about it…

R Senthilkumar

Valentine’s day

I think this time around the way the valentines day was celebrated was much over hyped and over rated to the extent that main stream media (MSM) had reported them in the front page. Probably the Mangalore incident was the key. It has always been the habit of the english mogering media that they take up cudgels only when some one of their folk are attacked.

Not to go into the merits of the Mangalore incident, even if by their own yardstick the media actually got it late in fact after almost some 36 hours after the real incident, and there was this silly one up man ship too.

In all this one man and his cultural outfit a misnomer either way has got undue and unprecedented coverage. As a student of PR, we have been taught to rationalise any PR you get whether it was good or bad, you can take a decision and make it worthwhile. So here there was this unknown Ram Sene today has become the hosehold name all with some idiotic idea they got. Now if Mr. Muthalik for all his ideals comes with a statement and he allows thing like they should be then you know the mileage he has already got without spending a naya paisa.

On the other side I am at a loss to understand how the MSM has taken its stand vis a vis non chalant reporting of real problems of woman, be it dowry, illiteracy, working conditions, sexual harrasment etc…

My whole inspiration to scribble this was a vernacular daily which screamed “Jolly” in a headline… which went on to read how the lovers had celebrated the day.. some useful stuff!!! lol

Anyways this is become a nuisance news every year with rakhi and all that blah blah getting on to the front page…

My only problem and thought was for all those majority of those who didnt have any “valentine” for themselves to celebrate this…:(

Hope their voice be heard in the next valentines day….

R Senthilkumar


No marks for guessing, thats the Apple Steve Jobs biography…Just got hold of this book and it is an impulsive read as much as the man himself…Going through the narrative of the inside covers it was an excellent piece of introduction and led me think about the man and his ambitions and his achievements and the prologue transported me to the 2000 meeting. The narrative of the CEO clad in a round neck Tee and a pair of jeans to boot should be breaking convention at all times, but the man in question is none other than Steve Jobs. And to think he was booted out of his own company he built and then the perseverance that paid off when he was back all are worth the words there and I bet it would be a great inspiration…

As I keep flipping pages consciously treading every incident I am overwhelmed at the fact the man had traveled to India at a pretty young age by even Indian standards to seek his inner self…just a startling revelation for me personally….

I think am interested riveted as much as the iPod or an iPhone would make you hold your eye balls.

Will share about this whenever I can…

R Senthilkumar