Its never too late chase your dreams!

Never too late














As I was thinking what to write today I felt there was one thing that we don’t take ourselves seriously. Especially on chasing our dreams. We feel its too hard or we are too ambitious at times to chase the dream. And sometimes it will be that we think its too late to chase your dreams.

But if you look back at the best of the professionals or success stories it has always been that they have taken it up after people thought everything is over. Some days back I came across this infographic where it showed how people post 35 actually went on to make their life a success.

My favourite and a big guru of Advertising David Ogilvy started at 36. Here is an excerpt from an article:

“In 1948, at the age of just 37, David Ogilvy founded his first agency. It was named Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather, a company that would eventually become Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. Of course, Ogilvy wasn’t in this alone. The company was established on the back of an already successful London agency named Mather & Crowther, which quite handily was being run by his older brother Francis.

What’s more astonishing about this start-up agency is that, at this point in his life, David Ogilvy had never written an advertisement. Not even an idea for an outline for an ad. Some would call this arrogance. Others, stupidity. But Ogilvy had a confidence about him that was backed by hard work, astuteness and an irresistible charisma. He also had just $6000 in the bank. Not bad for an average joe’s savings account, but certainly not a fortune for an advertising agency in the heart of New York. From these humble beginnings, Ogilvy would build an empire.”

I think it needs conviction from one’s side to be doing what they want and achieve that by doing whatever it takes. The rest of the history of Ogilvy is for the world to see.

Just don’t let age be a factor in your pursuit of your dreams, may be there were other factors which were stopping you from chasing your dreams. Or in case you want more inspiration please turn to Colonel Sanders who started KFC at an age of 65.

Just think over this, in case you need to work on something it time to start now, may be you wanted to be writer, you wanted to own your garden or may be wanted to own a business close to your heart, its never too late! 

In case you want to check the image in higher resolution, please click:

Cheers to chasing your dreams!


One post a day 6/30

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A bus route named 92A!














There was this bus which was the most eventful during my college days. More so because of its route as it seemed to drive through the central nervous system of Coimbatore. Bus number – 92A! Does it ring a bell?

This 92A hailed from the feet of Marudhamalai and flew down to the prairies of PSG Arts. Or Sitra as some may call the Airport Junction.

I don’t know of another bus which crisscrossed so many educational institutions of repute. Not to mention the number of schools in addition it served. Lawley road to Marudhamalai, which is now two-lane was already the home of two reputed Universities – The Tamilnadu Agricultural University and The Bharathiar University. And if you add the upcoming Anna University near the foothills, Whoa! Then it would be the only road linking 3 universities in a single stretch. So when I say Coimbatore rocks… It does!

Coming back to 92A, it covered the who’s who of educational institutions. I absolutely liked the novelty of getting a route like that for students except that, its timings were a little awkward for me.

The journey would begin at the foothills where it was also fueled with the blessing of the Lord at Marudhamalai. And before the driver steps on the gas pedal, it would have come to its first stop at the Law College. That’s the first ‘edu-stop’ if I may call it. The very next would be the Distance education cell, and then the Bharathiar University itself. The road then led to the next major stop at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. You just can’t miss admiring all its rich British Architecture on a green campus that extended both sides.

Taking its first turn, out of the arterial line will be to stop at one of the first DOTE 1 Govt colleges – the Govt College of Technology aka GCT. A short drive ahead it touches through the NSR Road to reach the Mettupalayam Road. Our hero then stops at the Avinashilingam University. Those times it wasn’t deemed as one today. After that it is only coincidental that it happens to fly high on the flyover.

As it winds down the road from the flyover there was one Sethupathi Institute. Wonder if it is still there. The bus loads and unloads at 100 ft road, Gandhipuram and then onto Bharathiar Road.

That’s where our next edu-stop is, the Women’s Polytechnic. And then, ladies and gentlemen… we reach the mother of all roads for education – the Avinashi Road! Starting from SNR and Hindustan, which were just the budding colleges then, comes along the first private DOTE1 College – PSG Tech fondly called as ‘Tech’. A seriously generic branding for PSG! Next stop was the Krishnammal and then came PSG IMSR – that’s the Medical College.

Oh and it did pass through the Hope College. Wherever and whatever the college is?

Then it took the narrow bridge those days to touch Coimbatore Medical College and Coimbatore Institute of Technology – another one of the only two DOTE 1 private colleges in Tamil Nadu! I remember the Govt Polytechnic and GRD College shared the same bus stop.

And Viola! There came my destination point… the PSG College of Arts & Sciences. Well that’s where I did my graduation. Later days the Arvind Eye Hospital also had its Post Grad institute there.

Given the odd timings of the bus, we could not venture much, but we did make some friends from few of those colleges I mentioned along route. I must congratulate the one who plotted this route in the first place. Unfortunately this bus service was later closed down.

Let me add a final glazing to our 92A, with the list of famous schools it passed through. Chavara, my own Chinmaya, Vadavalli High School, PN Pudur Govt School, Bharathi, Avila, Avinashilingam, Mani High School, Sri Ramakrishna, the schools under SNR, Hindusthan, Krishnammal, GRG, G Ramasamy, Naidu, KK Naidu, GRD… Phew!!

Oh there was another hero too… our own ‘Institution bus’ as we called it which had three routes from our college. My 2nd year’s travel memories were on my IB. That saved for another post.

Got any instances with 92A? Let me know in the comments.

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One post a day  - Post 5/30

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Private India by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson – a book review

private india

Authored By Ashwin SanghiJames Patterson
Publisher Random House India
Imprint Arrow / Random House India
Publication Year 2014
ISBN-13 9780099586395
ISBN-10 0099586398
Language English
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 448 Pages

When Blogadda announced the Book review, I knew this is what I was waiting for – an author signed copy from Ashwin Sanghi was the best deal as always!

And when the book arrived it was big all of 448 pages and it did go fast!  Thanks Blogadda!

It is yet another title from Ashwin Sanghi, a collaboration of a different kind with one of the world’s detective best sellers James Patterson.

Santosh Wagh heads Private India and is challenged by a series of murders with a precision that involves a thinking serial murderer on prowl. The weapon used is a simple one and the murderer makes no mistake and leaves no trail for investigation authorities to take a call. Even if he leaves some its to mislead the process than help it to the see the logical end.

The challenge is no sooner Santosh starts the investigation in the first murder, they are faced with a series, with a pattern and it is for Santosh and his team to unravel them at the earliest since they have little time before the next one happens.

The story is a riddle which deconstructs the psychological attitude of the murderer and his relationship with victims. Santosh does his best to get to the trail using the best of technology and investigating minds helping him gets to the murderer.

There is this Ashwin’s stamp of the mythological thread to the events unfolding with every murder as it continues to happen at a regular interval within days. You cant be happy when circumstantial evidences point to some one in the organisation.

A very light and a fast read, this is page turner though the intensity of the plot is broadened with some instances pointing to multiple suspects at different points in the story.

Yet another best seller from Ashwin for his style sprinkled in ample measure – a bit of Bollywood, page 3 celebs, the gang war and the spiritual guru which helps you identify with Mumbai ofcourse.

Ashwin uses his innate ability to relate things and makes it easy for the readers to go on one rollercoaster ride. You could finish it off in the fastest time possible thats usually a sitting.

On a personal note this would have been an easy novel for Ashwin & James having read all the other three works with such a lot of research material that he is used to. Or is that he is making me think so.

A fast read and a page turner, Private India if you ask me might be poised for sequels and I am sure Ashwin and James sure can come up with many more cases that Private India can handle with Santosh still at the helm of affairs.  

So its time to get your copy:

Check here for Flipkart :

Check here for Amazon:

Happy Reading!


This review is a part of the biggest <a href=”” target=”_blank”> Book Review Program </a> for <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Indian Bloggers.</a> Participate now to get free books!

(Also past of one post a day series 4/30)

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The World of Malgudi and Lawley Road…

malgudi days



















This is a post on one of my favorite authors arguably favorite among Indian authors for a generation or so. R K Narayan is one of the authors who brought the Indian life to the fore in his wonderfully planned town of Malgudi.

Right from the first novel, Swami and friends to the works of his later days he held the readers interest like no other. He has this innnate ability to weave stories with the common man and his life.

His characters have always have had the rustic Indian feel. The first three novels in Swami and Friends, Bachelor of Arts and English Teacher are absolutely wonderful stories in an autobiographical way for RKN. The three stories set the stage for him to explore the human psyche and portray the Indian in the context of the Indian independence and more important the neo middle class after Indian independence and I am sure we can relate to the Malgudi.

For me the travel on Marudhamalai Road is incomplete without the remembrance of RKN. Lawley Road junction is a part of the Malgudi and I always have  wondered about it. RK Narayan also has a connection with Coimbatore especially because his wife hails from here. It is believed he convinced his future father-in-law even in those times for marriage. How romantic!

Lawley is actually a character who builds the Malgudi town and this character is believed to be based on the then Governor of Madras.  You can check this here,_6th_Baron_Wenlock

In Malgudi, R K Narayan probably created a mini India and we can easily relate to the characters as much as you travel through each of the titles. In fact there is a story called Lawley Road, about a municipality where the roads are named after Freedom Fighters after Independence.

So the next time you cross the Lawley Road, think about R K Narayan and the story of Arthur Lawley.



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The Power of the Present!














Quite often we have always been led by the past. As we continue to do this, we are missing an important thing that how present can change the future.

As Ashley rightly puts it, “It seems sometimes that we get so caught up in missing the past, or looking forward to the future, that we forget that this, right here and now, was once the days we longed for and will soon be the ones we miss.”

The moment we decide to look back we are actually making a mistake of spoiling the present which can impact the future the way we want. The best part about the past is this, we just cant do anything about it.

I have this chrome app on the browser from It actually tell you how many seconds you have at your disposal everyday and warns you on how many seconds have been use worthwhile and not so worthwhile.

Everyone has the same 24 hours – convert it into (24×60) min and another stat to 24x60x60 seconds! Those are 1440 minutes and 86400 seconds in a day. Once gone never to come again those precious moments for ever will be history but not worth remembering.

Talk of the future is also again fraught with so many if and buts, then again if we learn to enjoy each moment as we live and live to our potential then there is no need to look back or look forward. I have tried a couple of experiments, just to be living without planning, no it does not work. But living in the present needs careful planning of not having to go to the past or venture into the unknown future.

I think the ice cream is a perfect example of the present the future is being in the refrigerator, and the past is a little time out of the refrigerator. To actually taste the ice cream is to actually take it at the right time before it melts away as much as time melts too.

The being in the present is also mentally a challenging one, you might be present physically but how do we make it mentally possible is when we recondition ourselves to be where we are together mentally and physically.

The best part is even if you start living the present you will see a big change in the attitude and outlook and the emergence of multiple tasking becoming so easy for you. Just try it be in the present and then the work will look easy all the way.

Some confession time! So when I thought I will do a 30 day long post everyday I was wondering how to do it. So I penned the post to let everyone know I am going to do this. Followed it by the post on making it public – This was my first post. This one actually has helped me work easy with whatever is in hand. Just work on the present. Possibly at work too we could do this alignment so that there is no future requirement nor past works pending.

Cheers and let me know if you have had any experience which can add to this.

#Experimenton #Post2of30


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The power of writing your goals!

Write your goals

Write your goals
















I have been thinking I will be blogging or writing a post on a day to day basis.  The problem with us is that we just keep thinking and so I created a challenge for myself. This was after I stumbled upon the most prolific Slide show ever which was a revelation in so many ways.

First it actually taught the power of writing your goals, and if you may have the audacity to share it with the world, I would like to use the word here, because its a commitment with the world not to yourself that you keep changing the goal post, it would make a lot of sense and also give you enough pressure to deliver on those promise.

So when you write the goals and make it public you take the whole responsibility and put yourself on a mirror and then align it to your activities accordingly the time and place factor for you to achieve your goals.

To make the pursuit worth it put it a place where you often see yourself. May be the mirror or your closet to keep yourself reminding about it. You can even make it the facebook cover page till it is realized. I can sense your irritation if any, this will help you look at only that wherever you are.

You remember the birds’ eye view from Arjuna’s perspective. He saw only the eyes not the whole bird neither the trunk it was perched on nor the wings or the feathers. He was focused so much and it meant a lot in terms of achieving the target of hitting the bird without fail.

So when we make it public, there is a big chance for us to be aware that we have made our self bare and we would be vulnerable if we don’t even try. Here’s another catch, even those who make their goals public have attained 70% or so and 70% is a big number mind you given that we have had enough goals and moved many a goal posts according to our whims and fancies simply because we never told anyone.

There is this phrase we are getting used to; ie no new year resolutions right. That once in a while is fun, but when it comes to personal goals it need not be yearly. It can be monthly, weekly and daily then you can afford not have a yearly resolution.

On a day to day basis we need to contribute to the goals. Say to achieve 30 posts daily there is a need to assign a time to finalise everyday’s post. Thats a challenge that will be analysed and worked upon. You cannot copy paste a post for sure then there’s no fun. Anyways its worth a try.

Write down your goals, help yourself to read it loud and better still tell the world you want to do. Never mind even if you don’t make it but don’t let it go untried.

So here’s to  a happy writing a goal with a time frame and share it to not just yourself. That would make all the difference. You will win it irrespective of the result for sure.

Its an introspection for you every time you look at the goal and every time you are inching closer to it.

That makes it 29 posts to go! #Experimentsuccessfullystarted


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The Seven Mystical Laws of Self Healing by Sanjiv Ranjan – a Book review



Publisher Life Positive
Publication Year 2013
ISBN-13 9788121618755
ISBN-10 8121618754
Language English
Binding Paperback

The book in review is a fantastic read to know oneself and how super human everyone is if they can harness the power they innately have in them. This book is a result of the authors experiences with healing people who otherwise never thought healing or cure was a possibility. It takes a whole lot of inner transformation for individuals to get them to heal themselves of the problems their body faces and resurrect themselves as happy selves.

The author in his simple and a very direct conversational style of writing  makes you very sensitive to what he wants you to feel. This is a work book in essence and if you could do it the way , you will already feel positive vibes around you and may be look like you have lost some weight. It has a soothing effect on you, as you start to identify that we can heal ourselves. As much as you start appreciating the fact that you can love your body it should start responding to your touch or your sensory perceptions.

The story teller in the author is a clear winner as we are led through the parables to drive home the point.

The idea of the body as the residence of divine would make all the difference and that in effect would change the way we look at the way body reacts.

These seven magical ways are very practical doesn’t need you to be religiously inclined to adopt these methods into your life. There are very practical ways of guided meditation which are very effective even in psychological terms tuning you to think positively and sense the feeling of healing in you.

You would be thankful to the world and me too for having read this book, it has a visionary zeal to it in terms of talking to your inner soul. The language makes it so easy to read and digest everything the author wants to convey.

I might just add here for those looking at weight loss technique how an integrated approach to your living can make losing weight such an easy job. I think this can be a big USP for the book with so many diet and weight loss programs making a queue for the big bucks.

A nice read and you will be feeling a lot less heavy that’s a bit sublime when i say that and it will reflect in your physical weight too.

Thanks to Yawar and the publishers for sending me the copy. It did take some real time to digest and apologies for the delay in the review due to some unforeseen circumstances!

Go here on Flipkart to buy your copy:

Go here on Amazon to buy your copy:


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The banking paradigm shift is here with Kotak Jifi! Banking goes social!

Now the biggest question is why would someone love banking? The very thought of a bank is enough to make you think arree yaar. Though the private banks have made it a breeze to bank, still the thought of going to a bank has now become a real issue at hand with everyone hard pressed for time.

Kotak is now Jifi

Kotak is now Jifi






The banks are also becoming innovative and making changes in the way we do banking. So its smart of the banks to go to place where you will find people spend their time. Look no further and Kotak probably got it all right with its new Jifi Account being tied to the social component of internet. The banking goes social is the idea whose time has come and aptly named Jifi, Kotak Bank has a new product that would be too good to really think about.

Imagine not going out of your social network and yet keep track of the banking esp on twitter, that should be the best thing to happen. Something like getting your bank balance on a Direct Message once we tweet with a hashtag for balance. That would be taking the banking to its logical conclusion – banking is now social.

On the other side your opening a Kotak Jifi account is a breeze and all you need is your social handle to login first and then in a matter of minutes you would be staring at your dashboard.

A little offline work includes the bank staff coming to collect an address proof and a little documentation.  Then a weeks time you have your nice Jifi Card all set to bank the normal way too.

Did I tell you that this is a zero balance account. Yeah you have it so easy if you ask me no minimum balance, non interest bearing current account.

You could refer your friends and get rewarded with cool prizes and vouchers like a Uber trip which was offered  in some select cities.

Kotak Platinum

A tweet could do most of the jobs! account updates, cheque book request et al.

Any social or transaction gets rewarded and you are a part of a loyalty club, add to that the first year od Jifi Platinum Chip Debit Card is free. Access to Mobile Banking & Offers app, to bank on the go plus Free NEFT through Net Banking.

What more could you ask for in a n bank account. I got my welcome kit and the PIN separately in two days. It was a breeze and now looking forward to bank on my twitter timeline.

So the next time some one is gonna ask me what I am doing on twitter, hte answer would be “banking” and I am sure the heads would turn.


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Business Doctors by Sameer Kamat – a Book Review

Business Doctors - Consulting Gone Wild

Business Doctors – Consulting Gone Wild By Sameer Kamat

Publisher Booksoarus
Publication Year 2014 April
ISBN-13 9789351569640
ISBN-10 9351569640
Language English
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 241 Pages
Territorial Rights Worldwide
Book Type Fiction Book

I must admit this was a different take from all the books that we are getting to read. Set in the land of the United States, this debut novel by Sameer Kamat takes us through the mafia in a very clinical methodical business way as any other business you would think of.

As much as the title Business Doctors, the book makes for an excellent fast paced read on how management consultants adorn the coat that doctors wear for all the practical purpose of getting a business back on track and regain health.

Micheal Schneider, the consultant in this drama here, has little idea what the future holds when he chooses to make a presentation to a mafia don sometime during a downturn in his business. He thinks some of the out-of-the-box solutions to get his client out of the red and he almost is getting there. There are lot of action packed scenes that get enacted like the escape of some of the well known convicts – so called specialists to aid the turnaround of the company .

There are places where it could be a moral dilemma but then the money and the lure of power and may be the fame gets a little head and the story moves fast forward.

A ll the characters are very well defined and the author takes us through the American mafia and consulting day rigor quite effortlessly with their portrayal.

I can imagine and see a cinematic version in front of me as I flip through the pages. The description lays bare in front of you and you can walk through the doors.

The basics in terms of business especially the mafia stuff makes for a fun read the casino, the pornography and other business of the don being given the strategic treatment if you call it. The digitisation of the pornography as a recommendation made me laugh. The romance in the novel goes as an integral plot to the story. How Schenider accomplishes his assignment and what the future holds remains the plot of the story. The unusual aged techie and other characters are quite a nice addition which makes it worthwhile read.

A very well written novel, and a fast read material could have been enhanced if it was in a better presentation.

The best part is the language is easy to follow an definitely takes you through the consultants’ mind if you ask me.

Watch the trailer here:

Check out to buy the book here:

On Amazon here :

On Flipkart here:

Last word, thanks to Sameer Kamat for reaching out with a review copy and wishing him all the best and yes this is self published.

About the author:  Sameer Kamat is the founder of MBA Crystal Ball and Bookosaurus.


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Tata Zest #ZestUpYourLife #tatamotors Auto Review

Tatas are on a roll, literally you would know if you drive the new Tata Zest car. They have upped the game for sure with a lot of first in the segment / class for sure. The car has lot of features which will put a lot of pressure on the competition and for sure this looks Tata’s time of reckoning is here and now. My partner on this drive was the very very enthusiastic Santosh! Fresh from meeting Narain Karthikeyan he was pumped up to test the car to the limits and he did, not to be outdone I also did the same.










Am amazed by the fact that they have taken on a philosophy of making a car with three distinct practical values in Design, Drive and Connect and being the futuristic and first in class that they are they call these DesignNext, DriveNext and ConnectNext.

Lets look at the appearance, has a great look with the signature TATA logo and a grille actually has a appearance of a ready to go machine.  A stronger shoulder line accentuates it in the side and the rear is well done rounded and has a design to give a very stylish look.

Not to miss are the Projector headlamps, and day time running lamps a first in its class. The LED tail lamps are another attraction and if you are talking about all these the colors are absolutely great and makes the car look pretty and stylish back to front and vice versa. The 15 inch alloy wheels are standard equipment . Has the widest body and lengthier in its segment.

You have a clean and very well thought out interiors, you sink in the seats very comfortably, adjust it and the steerin wheel looks pretty with the controls on the sides.

Tata zest dashboard











The steering wheel has all the features which fit in pretty cool and if I may add its about 20 mm lesser in diameter that the rest of its contemporaries. The diameter reduction is compensated using brushless motors and it gives u full control and gets back to its original position without much delay.

You don’t have to take your hands off, and especially in the fully loaded version your voice command can almost get you a song from the phone connected via bluetooth, make a call and more importantly enjoy the drive.

You could even change the temperature of the AC with Voice Control.  We did change the AC two times and it made it happen like a genie! Change songs as much as you want tell the player what you want and it shall be played. All at a touch of button to activate voice control. It was surprising it could understand the songs in HIndi! And add to that 4 Speakers, 2 in the front and 2 in the back with tweeters added to make you not miss a beat.

There was enough leg room and the seats could be adjusted to the hilt. The interior is nicely done and has a charm to it and adds to look and feel of a big car. I think we found a bottle holder missing in its size and was at the front rather almost close to the manual part of the AC and Sporty/ECOmode changers. Talking of which AC is excellent and cools fast and throws in good measure.

It can easily seat 5 people has a boot space pretty well furnished and has a good leg space too which actually is the most cabin roominess in its segment.

We did test the ABS, its works absolutely in the corners and makes it a breeze to cruise without making any difference to the cars stability.

The engine is called Revotron for the petrol version with three modes in Eco / Sporty and City.

Then we have a first of its kind Automatic Diesel with AMT – Auto Manual Transmission. It gives a control of changing gears with just moving it up and down. Awesome isnt it.

Now to the best part of driving the cars! 

We started with the Diesel – A very cool composed car at first impression. On the auto drive mode,  you start the car, the car comes alive but there is not much noise. You slowly press on the gas and it goes zoom as much as you want.  The car zips past the speeds at ease and you have a very lively and engaging steering wheel to support. And then you press the brakes, it goes to a stop like a kitten. No jarring et al.

The ground clearance was pretty good as we tested it around some bumps and it is easy to handle post the clearing the bump on the road. The suspension does a good job, may be if we had some more people it would not effect the back side of the car.

We tried the Manual Transmission which evidently also becomes Auto if you are lazy not to change the gears manually with a bit of sound as it revs up or revs down.

Otherwise it’s  a breeze and it was the first time driving an Auto for both of us it was a great drive no hiccups and getting settled so fast.

We touched a high speed even on small roads and it was great to handle it without much effort.

You have a winner in the Diesel if we are to go by the experience and city drivers will be happy so will be the ladies.

The next we drove the petrol with 1.2 liter engine, with three modes, normal gears and it was also a responsive and was going smooth even in the 4th gear and a slower speed I think this can as they say lessen gear changes and lead to more fuel economy.

Once it changes to sporty you can feel the difference as if they have been refreshed. It goes fast and handles the roads very well.

The gear could be bit more  smoother than it is otherwise this is a clear winner from TATA and look forward to seeing more Zests on the road and people Zest Up their Life as much as we did Zest Up Our life today.



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