Have you Blogged offline?











Some ten years or so back, blogging was a technical kind of thing when it got introduced, rather it was the techies who lapped it up first. But slowly when the people got to know it was easy to blog rather keep an online diary, it spread like wild fire and it was like everyone wanted to blog.

So some ten years before, I was like why should I blog.  But the call of writing your online diary was immense. Oh forget the online stuff, how many of us were used to writing diaries.

Earlier it was a big thing for us to receive a complimentary diary and flaunt it in school. The best diary had plastic overs and some had day pages and rest used to be 2 days a page.

The design of the diary was the premium we had and it had information on everything especially the STD code and the ISD code as if we were going to use them. Those days you had to book a trunk call to call your distant relatives – who were really at a distance!

So what did we scribble in our diary, some facets that we do on Facebook a bit of it may be, since we were looking at noting what happened. One of my entry was birthdays, then exams and results, then meeting dignitaries or listening to them on special school days.

Possibly this was very personal unlike Facebook or this blog / post which everyone gets to see. There would be serious repercussions if you ever happen to open the diary unlike the blog which I am posting and asking everybody to like / comment / share.

The siblings took care not to open the diaries or even if they did it would be a secret. The diary will also have the resolutions sometimes, which I wrote about in the first post. Some interesting tid bits would be the class crush in a code name, the fav actor / actress they love, and they had nothing to compare and make themselves heard.

We were all normal human beings unlike Anne Frank whose diary is probably the most read one since World War II. That was a revelation. So sometimes I also thought the diaries would have to be like this.

The other diary we hated was the school diary with teachers’ notes, homework, more home work and more home work and also had good, bad and satisfactory written all over.

I did have notes written when you know the time of just jotting down had been crossed. It was also a handwriting exercise if you ask me, you got to write between two small lines.

This used to be fun too. Hmm was just thinking how the diary writing has evolved into blogging, then has gone to become a marketing tool and bloggers are celebrated!

I can feel happy that across these milestones I have been able to be a part of top 50 bloggers in the country. Perhaps the dairy writing which i did still helps.

So tell me how many of you have any diaries or still writing ?





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Meet and Greet the Minister!

Naiduji Visit









As we took turns to look at the watch, around 3.00 pm, the bomb squad had arrived and within 20 min had erected a metal detector gate and it was to be only entry into the hall. They said the VIP is already enroute and wanted some help from the electrician.

Some moments later without much fanfare, arrived our Chief guest of the day Shri M Venkaiah Naidu, the Honourable Minister of Urban Development & Urban Poverty Alleviation and Parliamentary Affairs, Govt of India.

A tall leader literally came into the hall and went to meet and greet everyone in the hall. He was all ears as he listened to everyone as they introduced themselves shook hands and was it was a photops for quite a lot of people as the media went up clicking all the way.

The surprise was then he went on to greet the media persons and inquired about their name and the daily or the channel they belonged to.

Then he took some time to chat with others while we were getting the stage set with extra seats.

It would have been almost 25 minutes after he arrived he would have greeted everyone possible. The whole atmosphere was pretty cool for a political leader’s meet. The whole of whos’ who of Coimbatore was there to see him.

Then the formal event started with a welcome address and a wonderful presidential address by Shri Krishnaraj Vanavarayar, who in an instance also mentioned that for the first time the minister had arrived before time.

There was a nice video intro of Shri Venkaiahji, and then it was his turn to take the stage.

I was listening to a veteran parliamentarian, if you know this is the first time that the Parliament has worked 104% after a dismal show in the recent past.

He had everyone in splits with his sense of humor and the whole crowd was riveted to his every word. I did learn a lot on how to be with the crowd. He did take pots shots at the Congress but in a very subtle way and the people seemed to be enjoying. That perhaps is the hallmark of a veteran.

He was his usual self going to Telugu once in a while and the crowd seemed to be enjoying all the more.

Then a question and answer session followed, which was as a matter of factly very sensitive for him to answer but he did that in style.

The crowd I think had the best of time, I think if these are the ways of reaching out this govt spells danger to the opposition for sure. But let me remind you this was absolutely an non- political event.


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The reason why I quit Facebook!



Ok Now that I have your attention, Let me put it this way, I don’t think I will quit Facebook for may be another 5 years. There are different ways of looking at why you got to be on Facebook. On the face of it, its connects people known / unknown. I am actually wary of those unknown friend requests that keep cropping up.

My only criteria in accepting a friendship request is the number of mutual friends, possibly thats the yardstick that you need to have the way to be friendly. Don’t have to accept every fb request. Thats a little gyan for everyone especially the ladies. I still wonder why you would accept a Fb request from a stranger.

Now to why I wont be quitting FB! FB perhaps has had the best of times when it reconnects people after a long time.

Try doing it, you can actually search for your school friends and college friends, who are far and wide in literal sense and reconnect with them. I am sure this would not have been possible without this approach.

I have met friends say after 20 long years reconnected with them through Facebook – met them offline and we still talk. Isn’t that a nice way of looking at it. We get to see people getting married though they would not have invited you too! :P

On the other side of marketing any medium which comes to you free has to survive on advertising and that will be they way forward for any of the new ventures too. How would you expect Facebook to be free, be connected to everyone, be narcissist and post selfies on selfies and complain when they advertise on Facebook.

Imagine someone asking money for every post that you make, haha half the population wont even go neat especially in Indian context.

And for other who take privacy as a concern, please note that there are enough safeguards in the net if you are looking at it. On the other hand every time you fill a registration form and click I accept, please read it fully and then accept it before complaining.

The fact today is I have read all the terms and conditions is the biggest joke that we make on ourselves.

The next time you don’t want someone to see your pic please select the privacy options and then do the post.

Its like this, a sharpened knife by itself is not a dangerous tool. It is actually the user it could be surgeon who would help you or it could be the dangerous one.

So next time you are Facebook think about how its changed your life for the better, and yeah sometime later I shall say how best to use it and make it worthwhile being on Facebook and may be earn a living too!


One post a day 10/30



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The art of politics!











George Bernard Shaw once said ‘Politics is the refuge of a scoundrel.’ This statement keeps me wondering if we could put all our freedom fighters who became politicians under scanner.

The reason I am writing this is I am seeing politics in a new light. I have now friends across the political spectrum, some have tried being MLAs and some hold good party positions. Some years ago we thought politics will be more dynasty based rather than the merit based, but looking at the present crop not a big statistics though we do have a lot of faces who have strived hard from grassroots level to become the biggest power centers in the party.

I think now its the turn of the even social media commentators to turn politicians. There are atleast a few of hte twitter celebs who have actively been campaigning for a political cause and they are not averse to politics.

A classic case is that of AAP, we have had a lot of people from the young and raring to go make a debut in Delhi elections last December. It actually bodes well for the nation if we can get a new set of people.

But looking at the other side, politics is the art of the possible, something I would agree with Rahul Gandhi that its in the shirts and pants of the everyone.

Without having politics as a second nature and without playing politics do we get to do anything at all. Probably thats why they have thought of having said that politics is an art.

In case you chance upon Chanakya’s work Arthashastra, it details in very large measure on what politics is all about and also the best way to conduct the same. The days are not different though we are in a different era, the way politics is played is almost the same.

In case you think you come across a person described again by Bernard Shaw as this, He knows nothing and he thinks he knows everything, then be sure it clearly points to a political career. I have rephrased it!

That I am sure is a easy way to see how a person if he is fit to be a political entity. So next time the politics need not be literal but anything that makes a bit of what you just read can be politics.

So how much of a politician are you, just look back and you will know.


one post a day 9/30

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Bank accounts of prosperity…











My friend Vishnu, who heads a ‘housing for all’ project worldwide, said the other day that the biggest impediment in disbursing a home loan is people not having a bank account to start with. Came to realize how important it is for every citizen to have a bank account. Home loan companies also can service the clients much easily.

And when the Prime Minister during his Independence day address spoke of the mobile phones and bank accounts in one sentence, I knew that a paradigm shift was in the making. This would call for some drastic changes in the way banking is done.

Infact a few days earlier over a twitter chat with one of my friend Raem Saeed, an expert on mobile, we discussed on how African nations have changed the banking into a convenience over a feature phone.

The regulations in the Indian banking system still doesnt allow practically to fully make airtel money or m-pesa work. As per prevailing regulations the mobile operator will have to end up become a banker with a bankers license. That would be really a great way to unlock the potential of mobile in banking and imagine sending money over mobile at a click of a button.

As we speak, in America, in the last few days square, a startup in payments has made the cash transfers so very easy with an app and it works even when the receiver doesnt have an app. And they are giving $1 to try that! How cool can that be!

Getting back to India, the mobile cash transfers will be a big dream come true for majority of the citizens especially in villages. This also will be an ideal transfer tool for all the govt schemes which has always been pilfered using unknown entities and other means. This to a great extent has the possibility of reducing govt expenses and also will ensure it reaches the right person.

Now that the large population will have a bank account, rest of the things should fall in place. This should also open up opportunities for them to seek new pastures and seek credit from the govt agencies. This will have a great effect socially. Women if they have a bank account their innate nature of savings will reflect in the banking system for sure.

All in all, this one initiative of the central govt will change the status quo like no other. The best part is that the state govts also see an opportunity to earn the goodwill of the people through the scheme. The next independence day could reveal the success for sure.

A small step. But sure and firm ones have definitely made man walk with confidence.



One post a day 8/30

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The quest for Olympic gold!

usain bolt

















Think Usain Bolt! (Why writing about him? Well because I believe he is expected at Bangalore sometime next week as a part of the Puma Event!)

Imagine what goes on behind the scenes till the day he appears at the sprinting race for the 100m dash. Can you imagine what he might possibly be thinking? I think its possibly tough to imagine. What goes on his mind… Does he think about the competition… Or Does he think about the result…?

There would have been years and years of toil to clock that best 9.98 seconds! U bet!!

My question is this? Would he have clocked this 9.98 during practice? Worth pondering! I think, Yes he should have. Otherwise it cannot happen. Think about it. Excellence can never be a one off. Excellence is a habit. Thats the simple reason why we see the best of sportsmen effortlessly do their feat.

Think of Sergei Bubka, the one who in its literal sense raised the bar enough number of times in pole vaulting. He did his best ever everytime he set foot on the track. Practice makes it perfect. More practice only makes it sweeter for the sports man.

On the World stage, what he achieves is the Beauty of that Perfection! The audience dont get to see his behind the scene struggle. They see and applaud the final Perfection. What about us? The everyday Usain Bolts!?

For us, our everyday chore is that stage and we ought to deliver perfect everytime. That needs practice and more intent to perform to the best. That exactly is the secret of winning the Olympic Gold.

And to think of The Usain Bolt, he literally has bolted to the gold in more ways than one. the 100 m and 200 m I mean. Cheers

(one post a day 7/30)

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Its never too late chase your dreams!

Never too late














As I was thinking what to write today I felt there was one thing that we don’t take ourselves seriously. Especially on chasing our dreams. We feel its too hard or we are too ambitious at times to chase the dream. And sometimes it will be that we think its too late to chase your dreams.

But if you look back at the best of the professionals or success stories it has always been that they have taken it up after people thought everything is over. Some days back I came across this infographic where it showed how people post 35 actually went on to make their life a success.

My favourite and a big guru of Advertising David Ogilvy started at 36. Here is an excerpt from an article:

“In 1948, at the age of just 37, David Ogilvy founded his first agency. It was named Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson & Mather, a company that would eventually become Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide. Of course, Ogilvy wasn’t in this alone. The company was established on the back of an already successful London agency named Mather & Crowther, which quite handily was being run by his older brother Francis.

What’s more astonishing about this start-up agency is that, at this point in his life, David Ogilvy had never written an advertisement. Not even an idea for an outline for an ad. Some would call this arrogance. Others, stupidity. But Ogilvy had a confidence about him that was backed by hard work, astuteness and an irresistible charisma. He also had just $6000 in the bank. Not bad for an average joe’s savings account, but certainly not a fortune for an advertising agency in the heart of New York. From these humble beginnings, Ogilvy would build an empire.”

I think it needs conviction from one’s side to be doing what they want and achieve that by doing whatever it takes. The rest of the history of Ogilvy is for the world to see.

Just don’t let age be a factor in your pursuit of your dreams, may be there were other factors which were stopping you from chasing your dreams. Or in case you want more inspiration please turn to Colonel Sanders who started KFC at an age of 65.

Just think over this, in case you need to work on something it time to start now, may be you wanted to be writer, you wanted to own your garden or may be wanted to own a business close to your heart, its never too late! 

In case you want to check the image in higher resolution, please click: http://fundersandfounders.com/too-late-to-start-life-crisis/

Cheers to chasing your dreams!


One post a day 6/30

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A bus route named 92A!














There was this bus which was the most eventful during my college days. More so because of its route as it seemed to drive through the central nervous system of Coimbatore. Bus number – 92A! Does it ring a bell?

This 92A hailed from the feet of Marudhamalai and flew down to the prairies of PSG Arts. Or Sitra as some may call the Airport Junction.

I don’t know of another bus which crisscrossed so many educational institutions of repute. Not to mention the number of schools in addition it served. Lawley road to Marudhamalai, which is now two-lane was already the home of two reputed Universities – The Tamilnadu Agricultural University and The Bharathiar University. And if you add the upcoming Anna University near the foothills, Whoa! Then it would be the only road linking 3 universities in a single stretch. So when I say Coimbatore rocks… It does!

Coming back to 92A, it covered the who’s who of educational institutions. I absolutely liked the novelty of getting a route like that for students except that, its timings were a little awkward for me.

The journey would begin at the foothills where it was also fueled with the blessing of the Lord at Marudhamalai. And before the driver steps on the gas pedal, it would have come to its first stop at the Law College. That’s the first ‘edu-stop’ if I may call it. The very next would be the Distance education cell, and then the Bharathiar University itself. The road then led to the next major stop at Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. You just can’t miss admiring all its rich British Architecture on a green campus that extended both sides.

Taking its first turn, out of the arterial line will be to stop at one of the first DOTE 1 Govt colleges – the Govt College of Technology aka GCT. A short drive ahead it touches through the NSR Road to reach the Mettupalayam Road. Our hero then stops at the Avinashilingam University. Those times it wasn’t deemed as one today. After that it is only coincidental that it happens to fly high on the flyover.

As it winds down the road from the flyover there was one Sethupathi Institute. Wonder if it is still there. The bus loads and unloads at 100 ft road, Gandhipuram and then onto Bharathiar Road.

That’s where our next edu-stop is, the Women’s Polytechnic. And then, ladies and gentlemen… we reach the mother of all roads for education – the Avinashi Road! Starting from SNR and Hindustan, which were just the budding colleges then, comes along the first private DOTE1 College – PSG Tech fondly called as ‘Tech’. A seriously generic branding for PSG! Next stop was the Krishnammal and then came PSG IMSR – that’s the Medical College.

Oh and it did pass through the Hope College. Wherever and whatever the college is?

Then it took the narrow bridge those days to touch Coimbatore Medical College and Coimbatore Institute of Technology – another one of the only two DOTE 1 private colleges in Tamil Nadu! I remember the Govt Polytechnic and GRD College shared the same bus stop.

And Viola! There came my destination point… the PSG College of Arts & Sciences. Well that’s where I did my graduation. Later days the Arvind Eye Hospital also had its Post Grad institute there.

Given the odd timings of the bus, we could not venture much, but we did make some friends from few of those colleges I mentioned along route. I must congratulate the one who plotted this route in the first place. Unfortunately this bus service was later closed down.

Let me add a final glazing to our 92A, with the list of famous schools it passed through. Chavara, my own Chinmaya, Vadavalli High School, PN Pudur Govt School, Bharathi, Avila, Avinashilingam, Mani High School, Sri Ramakrishna, the schools under SNR, Hindusthan, Krishnammal, GRG, G Ramasamy, Naidu, KK Naidu, GRD… Phew!!

Oh there was another hero too… our own ‘Institution bus’ as we called it which had three routes from our college. My 2nd year’s travel memories were on my IB. That saved for another post.

Got any instances with 92A? Let me know in the comments.

Rep pic courtesy: brindhaavanam.wordpress.com

One post a day  - Post 5/30

Representative Pic Courtesy: brindhaavanam.wordpress.com

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Private India by Ashwin Sanghi & James Patterson – a book review

private india

Authored By Ashwin SanghiJames Patterson
Publisher Random House India
Imprint Arrow / Random House India
Publication Year 2014
ISBN-13 9780099586395
ISBN-10 0099586398
Language English
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 448 Pages

When Blogadda announced the Book review, I knew this is what I was waiting for – an author signed copy from Ashwin Sanghi was the best deal as always!

And when the book arrived it was big all of 448 pages and it did go fast!  Thanks Blogadda!

It is yet another title from Ashwin Sanghi, a collaboration of a different kind with one of the world’s detective best sellers James Patterson.

Santosh Wagh heads Private India and is challenged by a series of murders with a precision that involves a thinking serial murderer on prowl. The weapon used is a simple one and the murderer makes no mistake and leaves no trail for investigation authorities to take a call. Even if he leaves some its to mislead the process than help it to the see the logical end.

The challenge is no sooner Santosh starts the investigation in the first murder, they are faced with a series, with a pattern and it is for Santosh and his team to unravel them at the earliest since they have little time before the next one happens.

The story is a riddle which deconstructs the psychological attitude of the murderer and his relationship with victims. Santosh does his best to get to the trail using the best of technology and investigating minds helping him gets to the murderer.

There is this Ashwin’s stamp of the mythological thread to the events unfolding with every murder as it continues to happen at a regular interval within days. You cant be happy when circumstantial evidences point to some one in the organisation.

A very light and a fast read, this is page turner though the intensity of the plot is broadened with some instances pointing to multiple suspects at different points in the story.

Yet another best seller from Ashwin for his style sprinkled in ample measure – a bit of Bollywood, page 3 celebs, the gang war and the spiritual guru which helps you identify with Mumbai ofcourse.

Ashwin uses his innate ability to relate things and makes it easy for the readers to go on one rollercoaster ride. You could finish it off in the fastest time possible thats usually a sitting.

On a personal note this would have been an easy novel for Ashwin & James having read all the other three works with such a lot of research material that he is used to. Or is that he is making me think so.

A fast read and a page turner, Private India if you ask me might be poised for sequels and I am sure Ashwin and James sure can come up with many more cases that Private India can handle with Santosh still at the helm of affairs.  

So its time to get your copy:

Check here for Flipkart : http://www.flipkart.com/private-india-english/p/itmdxu6kshmpzmga?pid=9780099586395

Check here for Amazon: http://www.amazon.in/Private-India-8-James-Patterson-ebook/dp/B00JWVKWWO/

Happy Reading!


This review is a part of the biggest <a href=”http://blog.blogadda.com/2011/05/04/indian-bloggers-book-reviews” target=”_blank”> Book Review Program </a> for <a href=”http://www.blogadda.com” target=”_blank”>Indian Bloggers.</a> Participate now to get free books!

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The World of Malgudi and Lawley Road…

malgudi days



















This is a post on one of my favorite authors arguably favorite among Indian authors for a generation or so. R K Narayan is one of the authors who brought the Indian life to the fore in his wonderfully planned town of Malgudi.

Right from the first novel, Swami and friends to the works of his later days he held the readers interest like no other. He has this innnate ability to weave stories with the common man and his life.

His characters have always have had the rustic Indian feel. The first three novels in Swami and Friends, Bachelor of Arts and English Teacher are absolutely wonderful stories in an autobiographical way for RKN. The three stories set the stage for him to explore the human psyche and portray the Indian in the context of the Indian independence and more important the neo middle class after Indian independence and I am sure we can relate to the Malgudi.

For me the travel on Marudhamalai Road is incomplete without the remembrance of RKN. Lawley Road junction is a part of the Malgudi and I always have  wondered about it. RK Narayan also has a connection with Coimbatore especially because his wife hails from here. It is believed he convinced his future father-in-law even in those times for marriage. How romantic!

Lawley is actually a character who builds the Malgudi town and this character is believed to be based on the then Governor of Madras.  You can check this here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Lawley,_6th_Baron_Wenlock

In Malgudi, R K Narayan probably created a mini India and we can easily relate to the characters as much as you travel through each of the titles. In fact there is a story called Lawley Road, about a municipality where the roads are named after Freedom Fighters after Independence.

So the next time you cross the Lawley Road, think about R K Narayan and the story of Arthur Lawley.



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