Tata Zest #ZestUpYourLife #tatamotors Auto Review

Tatas are on a roll, literally you would know if you drive the new Tata Zest car. They have upped the game for sure with a lot of first in the segment / class for sure. The car has lot of features which will put a lot of pressure on the competition and for sure this looks Tata’s time of reckoning is here and now. My partner on this drive was the very very enthusiastic Santosh! Fresh from meeting Narain Karthikeyan he was pumped up to test the car to the limits and he did, not to be outdone I also did the same.










Am amazed by the fact that they have taken on a philosophy of making a car with three distinct practical values in Design, Drive and Connect and being the futuristic and first in class that they are they call these DesignNext, DriveNext and ConnectNext.

Lets look at the appearance, has a great look with the signature TATA logo and a grille actually has a appearance of a ready to go machine.  A stronger shoulder line accentuates it in the side and the rear is well done rounded and has a design to give a very stylish look.

Not to miss are the Projector headlamps, and day time running lamps a first in its class. The LED tail lamps are another attraction and if you are talking about all these the colors are absolutely great and makes the car look pretty and stylish back to front and vice versa. The 15 inch alloy wheels are standard equipment . Has the widest body and lengthier in its segment.

You have a clean and very well thought out interiors, you sink in the seats very comfortably, adjust it and the steerin wheel looks pretty with the controls on the sides.

Tata zest dashboard











The steering wheel has all the features which fit in pretty cool and if I may add its about 20 mm lesser in diameter that the rest of its contemporaries. The diameter reduction is compensated using brushless motors and it gives u full control and gets back to its original position without much delay.

You don’t have to take your hands off, and especially in the fully loaded version your voice command can almost get you a song from the phone connected via bluetooth, make a call and more importantly enjoy the drive.

You could even change the temperature of the AC with Voice Control.  We did change the AC two times and it made it happen like a genie! Change songs as much as you want tell the player what you want and it shall be played. All at a touch of button to activate voice control. It was surprising it could understand the songs in HIndi! And add to that 4 Speakers, 2 in the front and 2 in the back with tweeters added to make you not miss a beat.

There was enough leg room and the seats could be adjusted to the hilt. The interior is nicely done and has a charm to it and adds to look and feel of a big car. I think we found a bottle holder missing in its size and was at the front rather almost close to the manual part of the AC and Sporty/ECOmode changers. Talking of which AC is excellent and cools fast and throws in good measure.

It can easily seat 5 people has a boot space pretty well furnished and has a good leg space too which actually is the most cabin roominess in its segment.

We did test the ABS, its works absolutely in the corners and makes it a breeze to cruise without making any difference to the cars stability.

The engine is called Revotron for the petrol version with three modes in Eco / Sporty and City.

Then we have a first of its kind Automatic Diesel with AMT – Auto Manual Transmission. It gives a control of changing gears with just moving it up and down. Awesome isnt it.

Now to the best part of driving the cars! 

We started with the Diesel – A very cool composed car at first impression. On the auto drive mode,  you start the car, the car comes alive but there is not much noise. You slowly press on the gas and it goes zoom as much as you want.  The car zips past the speeds at ease and you have a very lively and engaging steering wheel to support. And then you press the brakes, it goes to a stop like a kitten. No jarring et al.

The ground clearance was pretty good as we tested it around some bumps and it is easy to handle post the clearing the bump on the road. The suspension does a good job, may be if we had some more people it would not effect the back side of the car.

We tried the Manual Transmission which evidently also becomes Auto if you are lazy not to change the gears manually with a bit of sound as it revs up or revs down.

Otherwise it’s  a breeze and it was the first time driving an Auto for both of us it was a great drive no hiccups and getting settled so fast.

We touched a high speed even on small roads and it was great to handle it without much effort.

You have a winner in the Diesel if we are to go by the experience and city drivers will be happy so will be the ladies.

The next we drove the petrol with 1.2 liter engine, with three modes, normal gears and it was also a responsive and was going smooth even in the 4th gear and a slower speed I think this can as they say lessen gear changes and lead to more fuel economy.

Once it changes to sporty you can feel the difference as if they have been refreshed. It goes fast and handles the roads very well.

The gear could be bit more  smoother than it is otherwise this is a clear winner from TATA and look forward to seeing more Zests on the road and people Zest Up their Life as much as we did Zest Up Our life today.



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Zest Up Your Life! A BlogAdda Event in Goa #TataZest









A classic event amidst the nature and a wonderful weather making it all the more awesome and yeah the word was Zestful.

The event which started for me with a DM from Harish and team and having landed in Goa, had a more emotional moment for me meeting one of the very personal role models, my former CEO, Narain Karthikeyan. Destiny it must be. :)

Coming to the event I believe this has been an exceptionally well organised event at a notice like this, and they had everything in place to the core. The day did start pretty early for me and a blogger friend @pythoroshan as we boarded a Jet Konnect at Coimbatore Airport on a ATR aircraft to Chennai. Then we were joined by the blogger friends from Bangalore and we all took off on Jet to Goa.

We has arrived. The Airport welcome desk started it all, and then a journey to the hotel Zuri Resorts. We could see the buzz and we were all awed by the efforts gone into the  making of the event. An awesome lunch and a bit of siesta later we were back to what were were supposed to do.

A briefing and followed by a Master Class and a mystery guest in Narain Karthikeyan, the event enilivened the evening and giving us a lot of glimpses into how the car which we got to drive the next day was conceptualised and made to the car that we drove.

We could feel the emotion on how they had taken over 3 years to bring a product to life. a very new best in class segment with awesome features that will help put the car in the big league.

Personally it was a happy moment for me as Narain went on explain how this car has been a part of his wish list and I am sure the team must have had an Zestful experience working with him too.

The presentation took us through the best of the car and what we were going to test it on road. Made us feel that Tata has come of age and a very prominent feature on the whole Zest is the team is pretty Young and I am sure they have that very well portrayed and executed in the way they have designed the car and especially the thing about the ConnectNext which is bound to be loved by the young and mobile population of India.

Some photo moments later and dinner followed. Another awesome food arrayed in front of us.  Dinner and networking and lots of selfies later it was time to say goodnight with a great day to drive next morning. I would miss if I dont mention @missmalini hosting the show for us.

We woke up to an alarm and got to walk the sands on the beach, feel the fresh air and look at the vastness of the sea. Back and all set for the drive, after breakfast, we went to another briefing session.

Then the real thing happened. The driving the car.  We got the Diesel AMT to drive first with Santhosh as my partner, we were all set to go. Let me tell you Santhosh is a big big fan of Narain and what would you expect him, took the car to the max really and we were back.

Then time to take the Petrol version and went on a ride and back in time to live blog.

An awesome experience altogether expect I think we would need some more time to know the car better.  As for the organisation part it was extremely well organised and we need to give three cheers to the team that has executed it.

A great + awesome ZestUpYourLife Event will be remembered for the wonderful opportunity it brought the top 50 bloggers in the country and network among themselves. These would be really great in fostering relationship and making better opportunities for everyone in their field. I would like to say I have made a lot of friends at this event and know about their work. Thank You Harish, Ankita, Ananth and Preethi and ofcourse all the team from Tata, Wizcraft for making this event a great show and a memorable one!

Thanks Once again Blog Adda! Tata Motors and all the bloggers!

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How to Become a Billionaire by Selling Nothing #bookreview

how-to-become-a-billionaire-by-selling-nothingSo you know @jhunjhunwala on twitter. Well you would esp if you are a fan of cricket and then those commentaries that changed the complexion of commentaries. To me and some fans there was a cricket commentary on twitter with pre @jhunjhunwala era and post.

It was always going to be sarcastic, but had we have had enough of them?

The book ‘How to Become a Millionaire by Selling Nothing’ is a extension of his writing style to a full 370 pages of fun with the main characters in Rakesh Jhunhunwala and Ramakant Sastry.

A solid take on the ways people take to extremes to make money with doses of humour and how they take the common people for granted.

The story is how Ramakant Sastry makes a huge profit with an idea of selling nothing and in the process takes everything to the heights literally, actually he starts off by forging the documents when Jhunjhunwala sends him off with a lakh of rupees so that he can free himself off the Nothing idea from Ramakant.

This has it effect from the market bourses to the customers who want to buy nothing. Aditya takes the production and marketing to humorous levels on how they are bent on producing products and advertising campaigns to sell it.

So when you thought this was all too good there is a new legal issue coming up with another company taking them to court over the rights over who invented nothing. That would be the way things go for nothing literally a brouhaha for nothing.

Aditya also takes up the way people get intoxicated with wealth especially if its from get rich kind of way up a faster ladder. The portrayal of Ramakant and Jhunjhunwala in contrast has a lot to be praised for.

The value of money is a relative or rather a subjective one. Hilariously depicted across different categories of people all eyeing for market and studying the consumers psyche, the author hits the brands for the way they take the consumers for granted.

A fast paced light read page turner, personally feel it could have been made some parts crisper since we all get used to the awesomeness of Jhujhunwala!

Kudos to Aditya for an awesome debut in a genre which is very less predictable.

To buy the book on Flipkart and Amazon click here:



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My Mommy greatest! My Role Model


Hailing from a very lower middle class family and making it up to a govt job as a mechanic and retiring as a senior foreman, all the while making sure that kids have the best in education and more so make investments at the right time mange finances minutely and see them well off.

Thats in a nutshell Dad’s life. All through the life he was living for the dream of the kids and the family, working overtime and saving money in ppf so that we can pay the yearly fees which was a kind of help extended by my school.

Al thorough I have not seen him negative at any point in time. Sometimes looking back I wonder if it was all possible at that time or how on earth did we pull it off. This has ingrained in us siblings to look at life in a perspective not jump at decisions.

We have learned a lot from him on what to expect from life and how to turn an adversity into an opportunity. And at some time he has also taught us the value of self respect. That has also stuck to us in many ways than one.

Even in the worst of circumstances, its always been an inspiration to look up to him and try to imbibe those traits in us. One more he has taught us is to be ourselves and take decisions in the right way irrespective of the circumstances. Keep yourself honest and always be a person with integrity and that would make it a success for oneself though the yardstick may vary for different set of people.

We have learnt quite a lot and still its tough to digest how its been this journey of life. A lot to go on and I keep looking back at those days to see how we have grown and still growing.

In all this there was another person who would stand to support him, ofcourse it was our Mom! :)

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with BlogAdda.com.

Senthilkumar Rajappan

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Narain Karthikeyan – My Role Model


Narain Karthikeyan

Narain Karthikeyan

One of the most interesting part of my career and one of the best jobs ever was being manager to ‘the fastest Indian in the world’ Narain Karthikeyan’s manager. Though it was just a manager’s  role , it led me to a world of opportunities to explore and work through.

The fascinating aspect of this role is what presented an opportunity to watch this one of India’s sporting sensations and only one of the kind of human being at a very close range, reporting to him.

One of the character traits of Narain Karthikeyan is perseverance and never let go attitude. It has been an asset in his nature to be the persevering self right through his career. If anyone else was in his place I am sure there would not have been the first Indian in F1 till date.

I have watched the positivity and the never let go trait working in his favour by sheer instinct if you call it. Possibilities when you are made of such stuff, the heavens do conspire to make it happen.

To give you a classic example, we did a shoot for Vijay TV – the Star TV Tamil channel a two week episode, and Narain almost said as many times he looks forward to be the first Indian in Formula 1 history. This was just 3 months prior to the announcement.

When the news unravelled I sat reliving all those moments when he was so positive, a classic example I saw of positive thinking, given that no one has ever completed a season with any team except Narain Karthikeyan.

He will remain my role model for his perserverance, positivity and never say never attitude till the goal was reached.

I am sure one day I would be able to recall all those moments in a memoir :) aptly titled ‘My F1 years!’

I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with BlogAdda.com.


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The State.com Review!

India is an opinionated country. We have an opinion on everything, from Narendra Modi to Smriti Irani to Chetan Bhagat to Salman Rushdie.

It does not matter what our pretensions are or our qualifications are, it is like our second nature to offer opinions and also make judgments. So when this becomes a part of your ideal situation in minimal words and a choice at that, it becomes interesting.

I came across State.com a few days ago recommended via Bloggadda.com. It was a refreshing site to me at first sight. It had only one thing I was asked to do – well State whatever I was about to state, if it explains literally. and a quick popup is the only way to interact makes it a very easy to do that. It also had a set of already existing opinions to choose and that would be easy to think. In case I wanted something new, I can always add that word.

That’s my home page on State

Suddenly it dawned on me that a word is so powerful that you dont need sentences to be opinionated about things around you. So it was a fascinating journey and I think I started off searching topics that would be interesting to me. It was evident that it was US content led but that didn’t stop me from identifying Rajinikanth or Narendra Modi or start a new topic Narendra Damodardas Modi – the Prime Minister of India.

I believe it would take some time for us to identify those topics across categories especially when we are logging in from India. The topics on the front page except the Information tech part would be totally different. The cricket is THE sports profile in India and may be the FIFA will take over here for the season in India.

I would prefer customization of the home page by geo targetting so that I get the best of what I am interested in from India and that adds to my participation more than search and state opnions  as I am doing it right now.

But the intent and the user interface makes it a breeze to use.  Really liked the user interface and the trends on the side bar and a refreshing the same with the click. You could invite all your friends to check out via social – fb, twitter…

Then you have tuning into the topic as well as people tuning to you to track you on what you are stating. That’s a nice way to keep track and following interesting people.

The sentiment on the topic will tell you what the world thinks quite a revealing stuff this with single one words that will stump you sometimes and you would quite be understanding.

So you wana try this state-ment  of yours, do login at state. Its easy to login with social handles and also you could publish everything from state.com to all your social media timelines.

As you can see from the video, this might be the one you were looking for, may be give it a try and for all you know you might get addicted.

So my experiences has been that people do answer your opinion and say they agree or sometimes they dont, yeah we live in a democratic country ! I think I will use it more if I get more of localised content in here on the home page.

A good attempt to make opinions heard the rightway. The next time if someone asks you what good is your opinion tell them to State it on State.com

From the digital marketing perspective, I see a big window for brands to do native advertising here on this site in a few days from now. Its quite an opportunity for brands to check what the sentiment is all about. It could come from a PR point of view and then the consumers would choose some adept words to describe it. Imagine brands being described in three definite words! Way to go possibly!

A great and a simple to use site should be rocking in some time in this part of the world.

This review is a part of the product review programme by Blogadda.com about State.


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Ramayana: The Game of Life Series – Rise of the Sun Prince by Shubha Vilas a book review!



Publisher Jaico Publishing House
Publication Year 2013
ISBN-13 9788184955309
ISBN-10 8184955308
Language English
Edition 1st
Binding Paperback
Number of Pages 256 Pages


The beauty of Indian classics the Ramayana and the Mahabharata is always enhanced positively when you reread them. The different versions of the story from different parts of the country is a testament to the fact that our country had a different way of looking to meaningful discussions and interpretations of the wonderful stories and also how it moulded the generations to think and act.

Ramayana for all its splendour from the Valmiki’s world to Kamban’s storyline to Tulsidays’s renditions with soulful music accompaniment has always been a great story for kids as well as for adults. Here in this series called Ramayana: The Game of Life, and the first book in review – Rise of the Sun Prince, we find a classical and easy to read narrative of the early life of Lord Rama and the setting in which the original classsic took its first shape.

In a different world sought to be mythological and storified, Ramayana would remain exactly that – a story. The quintessential idea of the story was more of the thoughts and morals and the way of life for us mortals to understand in its relative terms of living one’s own life. That perhaps was lost in the story being celebrated and the idea of the living being relegated in what was perhaps the historic distortion in a way.

Here the author Subha Vilas decodes the essence of life, from looking at the wonderful instances or rather every instance that happens in the life and times of Rama the Lord incarnate and his associates in the family and others.

This book is a long read which I believe is one to be read and digested. You would add to the beauty of the composition and also the understanding that you would love to have. The author has taken exceptional effort to paraphrase and link the resources to all materials that make for a great reading.

I believe this attempt at rendering the Ramayana will be one of the best life changing efforts from a storified version.

There’s so much to learn from every instance of the story, you get glimpses of the character’s strength, the weakness and how they have held their nerve to be what they are. This is not a one – off  reading but a life book essential for anyone looking to learn from Ramayana and help oneself to tune to better thoughts and better days.

The author has kept a nice prose in effect making it very readable to modern day young audience and has taken care not to lose the charm of the story telling especially that of the young princes in question.

It has some great revelations in the story as much as we have taken Ramayana for granted. Read it for its sublime and sheer ecstasy of story telling  and the nitty-gritties of the characters involved.

As I said earlier, you would take time to read and then digest them. Once you are done I am sure you are going to go back, open it and continue relishing those and discover for yourself newer meanings and ideas.

As always the scriptures have been pregnant with meaning and this holds true for this series too. Look forward to the remaining series and live to celebrate the life of one of the most charming and greatest kings the world has ever seen – Lord Rama.

Senthilkumar Rajappan

PS: I was very happy to receive a mail from the author, and I believe this review is a destined one in a way that I should write about the wonderful series to be. Thanks a lot to author Shubha Vilas for the review copy and this opportunity to review the book.

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Sita’s Curse by Sreemoyee Piu Kundu a Book Review


  • Publisher Hachette India
    Imprint Hachette India
    ISBN-13 9789350097809
    ISBN-10 935009780X
    Language English
    Binding Paperback
    Number of Pages 344 Pages
    Book Type Fiction Book

Sometimes there comes a time when you know the author has decided shes’ going to play rebel and revolt against emotions and stereotypes and cast  herself in a new mould and discover herself within that. Society is but a reflection of the individuals in harmony. So here we come across a character who we might have seen many a time in parts and some time not so overtly. I loved the narrative in the first person. Its a story of emotion, deceit, marriage, betrayal and more, a  fast read and a spicy one at that we see a significant lifetime over 30 years to be precise infront of us.

The character of this story Meera traverses from her not-so-happy childhood in a village to the city of dreams Mumbai. In thorough her eyes the author has tried to build up an emotional story of the girls in villages,  her instincts, her urges and the sexual exploits of some of the men she comes across, then getting married to a city dweller and the life at the matrimonial home.

She moves to Mumbai, a unhappy marriage and a husband who cant support her mentally, and the usual tantrums of the matrimonial home and the story takes a turn with Meera trying to get into what the author calls it being a free bird unleashing herself.

She gets introduced to the internet and then she learns a lot, not that her neighbourhood dance master is very far into teaching her some moves apart from the dance. She tries to learn English too. The internet part of the story is akin to what we normally is exhibited as how dissatisfied wives are all over the net. And you also find a man who sells his body named Yousuf. The narrative ends with the big rain that Mumbai ever had and how the characters live to tell the tale.

Now the author perhaps has a lot of potential but is getting wasted in trying to get to the sexual fantasies into words and it treads into soft porn and sometimes a little tad over.

While the character has her exultation at her adventures, I am at a loss to understand why should she get emotional at the loss of Yousuf to rain in the end, perhaps she could have done without that after all that’s what she has become at least we think the constraints that the character is not bound to be, the free bird not being attached to all these.

In a way it’s a story of the village belle getting to know the city and trying to live in it getting adapted and be modern and whatever. But along the way the definition lacks the purpose simply because she has to become the same woman she probably didnt want. A women on leash, living her world the way she wants and true to her whims and fancies but still has the emotional tag.

Sita’s curse starts off very well and goes off track a bit in the mid and I still feel could have been a tighter grip to the narration in the end. The characters except Meera dont stay with us for long.

My ratings: 3 /5 stars ( rated adult reading )  

“This book review is a part of The Readers Cosmos Book Review Program. To get free books log on to thereaderscosmos.blogspot.com

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The nameless Autowala bhaiyya – Celebrate Men who make a difference

auto (1)

It was in the thick of things that I started from the office that evening. I had an event next day. The buses had been on flash strike, on April 1. Whoever wanted to make a fool of whom only they will know the answer.

It was tough to get rickshaws, and if you got one, they would ask a  bomb or never cared to take you short distances. As I cursed myself I thought I should walk the distance if everything fails.

As I contemplated this I saw another rickshaw coming my way and waved my hands. Luckily he stopped. I told him the hotel name, he said ok and then we crossed the  highway to the road on which the event was to be held.

I asked him how the day was. He said it was busy and he hadn’t stopped even to eat. I asked him why, he said ‘Its been very sad that the BEST buses went on a strike, nobody knew and who knows what emergency people have and yeah I can live off without food for a single day no?’

I could feel so happy about someone, who took it so nicely and since autos were very tough to get, I said it was nice of him. We exchanged ideas while we waited at every traffic junction. While it was true they had genuine concerns on the payment and salaries they should not have made it so bad for common people. That was his take.

As I neared the hotel, I saw the meter read some 1 . odd kilometers and the rate read 17 rupees, I handed him a 20 rupee note and was about to leave without taking the balance, he shouted back “ruko bhaiya”

I turned and he held 3 one rupee coin and said I have taken my due this doesn’t belong to me.

I was actually offended, I told him I am giving him happily, he said, still I would not take it , then he added, ‘Today you will be give me, who will give me tomorrow. Let me keep what is mine and I am happy!’

I was literally stunned, in this world where we go after money, someone was content, at his rightful earning, and happy at that.

He became my role model. I told myself, if I have to earn money it shall be done with respect and dignity.  I dont know his name- I call him my Autowala bhaiyya.


I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with BlogAdda.com.

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Trust deficit, Kejriwal and AAP!

The movement that set it all…

I read with interest the blog on Kejriwal not perfect, but he is honest.

There is a beautiful quote from the master blaster Sachin Tendulkar, for all his grace and poise there were people who would criticize him left right and center, never mind those people would not seen the sun rise or have been to the nets literally and this is what he had to say. ‘People throw stones at you and you convert them into milestones.’

I was in New Delhi when the IAC and the agitation at Ram Lila Maidan was at its peak and a dutiful citizen in me decided to take the metro, walk the few minutes, stand in line at the gate and merged with the crowd. As I saw the whole surrounding, it was fluttering with Indian National Flag a jamboree of a different kind, a ray of hope for many and I was feeling elated having participated in the agitation. Not to forget taking pictures on my Blackberry to record those important moments. That particular day had Amir Khan on stage, it was nice. The place wore a festive look, young dedicated volunteers, and everyone looked positive, there was so much energy and everyone was there only on one count, a man was representing them and fasting for a piece of legislation aka Lokpal.

The social media was put to great use, err, and correct me if people also stated SMS was a part of social media. It was the SMS, put to imaginative communication purpose unless you thought everyone who came to the Ram Lila maidan was having a smartphone and clicking pictures and posting on the social web.

The whole of the ten days had one more person hogging the limelight, one Arvind Kejriwal, and he was even famously profiled in the Caravan as the mind behind the show as it was beamed live, we were also introduced to some journalists turned crusaders.

I had some of my friends who had become active volunteers, and we got to know they were all there to get this Mission Impossible done and get on with life thereafter.

One had told me, ‘You know what happens when it becomes political, it’s the last refuge of a scoundrel.’ We all agreed and had our parathas and pickles as we waited for Anna to finish his fast.

Arvnid Kejriwal is the guy next door politician you would have loved to have until the few recent days. They say small little acts are better off than the grandest of intentions, that’s exactly where they tripped. The first one was going political I suppose, not withstanding the fact that they won Delhi, sorry stood second in the assembly. No political party worth its name would go on an SMS mode to take a political decision. Forget that they were new and fresh from annihilating and humiliating Congress and esp Sheela Dikshit, they went on a road show and said the people wanted them to form government. No anchor worth his salt has ever asked them if that was the case the people would have got them the mandate atleast 35 on the 70 seats they contested.

Not to forget one Yogendra Yadav said they were crossing over 45 seats and they were willing to share the raw data whatever they meant by that. Why I am naming this person is of very important for us to understand. I was a person who got used to TV only with News and a bit of entertainment regularly sending post cards so that I can win a trip to some exotic location sponsored by Tourism boards. Those were days of News this week with Appan Menon and one Prannoy Roy from New Delhi Television. And when the cable and satellite homes opened up we were seeing election coverage like no other. Psephology became the buzzword and one man who opened up caste equations deftly during these debates much better than Prannoy would was none other than Yogendra Yadav to me.
Now why someone with deep understanding of caste would be needed to a party which is espousing the cause of the Aam Admi was a big question, I got the answer the day they got him nominated to the Gurgaon not hiding the fact that the caste equations would work in his favour.

Whatever happened to the aam admis who went on to win the Delhi assembly elections. One of my friends who was a printer and a volunteer rose to become an MLA. Now that is what is called as aam aadmi’s rise.

It gives no confidence that you don’t wait for one more day to seek the Governor’s nod but go around saying the bus contract workers needed to accept rules and the decision takes days. Different yardsticks for different people. It’s for the people to decide if enough as been done in 49 days. Not that AAP didn’t know they had no majority nor were fully understanding of the fact that Delhi was a showcase government that needed to go to Central government for everything they needed to do.

The most ill thought system in AAP is its internal lokpal that decides even on judicial matters and sets them apart while all other parties will be shown the index finger saying they are crooks of the highest order. No sane citizen will attempt to brush aside the heroics of one Somnath Bharati one night trying to save his constituency and pledge their govt at stake on dharna and get three cops to go on leave or expect us to think they got them to go on leave. They already were.

The basic underlying fact of this was police is not outside the system was well known. It was a part of the government irrespective of the Delhi govt’s inability to take decisions; it was also a chance to get them on board for better citizen police interaction.

I believe in e-governance and technology changing your lives, I would have respected AAP if they did one technology initiative to get corruption off than asking people to do sting operation. Even today they are being heralded for the use of social media unlike no other. You have no idea what would people do with videos in hand, than just getting their work done. Participative democracy is valid only in the positive sense.

And 49 days, and lot of unfulfilled promises and grandstanding to take on the political fight is a welcome step. Only thing the choice of the way it was made to be believed. The country knows fully well the last ten years was ruled by UPA, but if you ask Kejriwal he would tell you, some story why you need to stop Modi. I have no problem with that, but days are different, when they had the same media going gaga over the days of Anshan, and later the days of Arvind Kejriwals’ fast despite being a diabetic, the media was all good. Once in the political sandstorm, they find media to be paid media, when you are questioned. You are on the high pedestal shouting atop, Mera aukaat kya hai and still continue to live in the Govt houses. Don’t tell me there are other party people doing the same or ever compare BJP or Congress.

If you gave me that answer, I am sorry that’s exactly we didn’t want AAP to do. We wanted AAP to be different, be grounded and take it to the next step. That’s exactly where you lost it. My trust.

The worst was when AAP wants a mid term election, haven’t we heard enough. And all those supporters who say they can afford 2 elections in a year are those who can afford without salary for the rest of their lives, not those who toil everyday and fight price rise trying to avoid groceries which are Rs. 100 a kg.

I don’t have friends who can pay my 85,000 a month rent, that’s some laborers’ yearly earning. It could send some 100 kids to school, if you want me to list some things that can be done with Rs. 85,000. The moment your kid preparing for JEE is special than those in the street who have no access to education, you have let me down, Mr. Kejriwal. It doesn’t matter who pays it, it only shows our idea of what is being done. Doesn’t this act clash with govt. schools should be equivalent to private schools’s idea?

It was always my case that 49 day adventure was an opportunity lost and when I told this, the supporters were gleefully mocking me till the day Kejriwal accepted this as a matter of fact.

And today if there is negativity in this election, we have AAP also to blame, when you could go on a positive mode to tell people what they can achieve, than tread the same lines as political parties do.

I shall wait and see what other admissions will come by in later days. To me if you are honest, you are perfect in all sense, there can be no two ways about it.


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